[Patreon Exclusive] Mahou Josei Chimaka Embodies Me As An Adult Magical Girl Fan

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Published on the digital comics magazine Sparkler Monthly, Mahou Josei Chimaka is a magical woman webcomic and graphic novel created by cartoonist Kate Rhodes and animator Jennifer Xu (known together as Kaiju), edited by Lillan Diaz-Przbyl, copy edited by Lianne Sentar and Rebecca Scoble, and digital toning assistant Lillana Diaz. Starring an adult ex-magical girl named Chimaka Shi, the book is a queer slice-of-life fantasy novel that is both satirical and original.  Fifteen years ago, Chimaka was Shimmer Shimmer Sky Patcher, a magical girl who failed to defeat her greatest enemy and marry her destined boyfriend. Now a jaded adult, Chimaka discovers that her nemesis has returned and she can no longer transform. Now, Chimaka must turn to her best friend Pippa to relearn what magic means and regain the power to defeat her ancient enemy for good.

In fact, Chimaka is so notable because she is a complete contrast to the magical girl stories that I personally grew up on, especially Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon’s heroine, Usagi Tsukino, is ditzy and happy go lucky about junk food and boys, and isn’t that great at schoolwork. More importantly, her future is pretty much locked in: she’s destined to become Neo Queen Serenity, marrying the love of her life Prince Endymion and ruling 30th century Crystal Tokyo while raising her daughter Chibiusa. Since Usagi knows exactly what her future is and that it is guaranteed no matter what, she can continue being her same cheerful self despite the strife and battles she endures. Unlike Usagi, Chimaka isn’t afforded the same luxury because she has nothing to fall back on after failing to defeat her greatest enemy, breaking up with her destined boyfriend, and retiring as a magical girl.

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