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Hello! Kate here to catch you up on all the news from the previous week (hence the name of this column). This past weekend was Comic Con International’s “ComicCon@Home” virtual event, so the first half of this week’s column is a round-up of our coverage.

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His Dark Materials at ComicCon@Home: Trust Issues and a Hot Priest
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ComicCon@Home Day Two: Seeking Truth, X-Men, and the Afrofuturism Way
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ComicCon@Home Day Three: Indigenous History, Galaxy Grrls, and the Deep Blue Sea 3
ComicCon@Home Previews Marvel’s Horror-Tinged Helstrom
Inspired Personal Stories in Graphic Novels at ComicCon@Home
ComicCon@Home Teases The Monstrous Lovecraft Country

ComicCon@Home Day Four: Power Rangers & Colorism in Comics
ComicCon@Home – It’s Morphin’ Time! Power Rangers Meet Up

And then, of course, there’s that other thing that happens at SDCC…
….the Eisners.

In case you missed it, WWAC did, indeed, win the Eisner for Best Comics Journalism. As someone who has been with the site for five years and seen how much we’ve grown, and how comics journalism is changing demographically, I am so proud. But the FUBAR Eisner voting situation (described in Graeme McMillan’s article in The Hollywood Reporter) still happened.

Wendy Browne and Nola Pfau shared their thoughts about what it feels like to win the award under these circumstances, and if you haven’t read Wendy’s post or Nola’s tweets, I urge you to take a minute. As noted in this article by Charles Pulliam-Moore, WWAC is the only winner who has spoken out about this issue.

So About That Eisner Award

But WWAC wasn’t the only Eisner winner, obviously. Check out the full list here. which also includes links to articles, reviews, or interviews on WWAC.

And the Eisner Award Goes To…These 2020 Winners

And a special shoutout to Ebony Flowers, who became the first Black woman to win in the Short Story category.

Phew, that’s a lot. Are we done?

Maybe just a few more links, just to make sure you don’t miss out on some Good Things.

– Check out this excellent interview with Ta-Nehsi Coates by Mat Bors on The Nib

The Nib Interview: Ta-Nehisi Coates


– Marvel has made this adorable series, “Heroes at Home,” about superheroes at home during COVID-19 and I love all of them.

– The new Todd McFarlane documentary Like Hell I Won’t is on SyFy now.

Please go watch it and tell me all about it so I don’t have to. Unless it’s a Tiger King type of situation, and then you definitely need to tell me if it is.

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