Previously On Comics: Keep on Tickin’

How are you doing? Are you looking after yourself? Baking some bread? Considering a DIY cut and dye job, perhaps? Good. Stuff’s hard and you deserve a distraction. Like this weeks news! You’re welcome.

While you would like to think that even in times like these the comics machine would keep on keeping on it seems more and more like it might be grinding to a halt with news that, due to cash flow issues, Diamond is withholding payment from vendors. You can read more about Diamond and their operation in this article discussing DC Comics’ announcement that they are looking into multi-distributor models of delivery in an attempt to keep comics in the hands of readers as we move through these uncertain times.

Meanwhile, Marvel have announced that it will be ‘pausing’ work on and the release of a number of titles due to have been released in May and June. There is not yet any confirmation of the long term plan with regards to the release schedule or the return to work of its creators however they have said that all talent will be paid for their work “to date”. Additionally, Polarity LTD has reported further lay offs with the confirmed closure of Lion Forge Labs, its creative services agency.

None of this of course means the end of comics, and Kodansha USA are doing their part to ensure that with the announcement that while they will be pushing back the sales dates on many of its spring/summer print titles, a number of its frontline releases will retain their original sales date, as will all digital titles.

Rainbow Rowell has also announced that her novel Fangirl will be adapted into a four volume manga by writer Sam Maggs and artist Gabi Namm. Fangirl will be published by Viz Media with volume one due to be released in October 2020.

Quick Hits

With assistance from a number of men who played superheroes in movies, Masks for America has raised nearly $100,000 to help provide safe masks for frontline healthcare workers.

Sotheby’s is soon to auction off a complete set of every issue of DC Comics from 1935-2014. Don’t you just love mid-crisis opportunities for vulgar displays of personal wealth?

The Comics Studies Society have opened its listserv to everyone interested in discussing and analysing comics.

That’s all for this week. Stay safe, friends.