Previously On Comics: For Your Health

Welcome to Previously On Comics, I’m obviously Kell Richards. It’s been a fairly quiet week in the news mines but we have managed to unearth some gold in between all the hand washing.

Following last week’s update regarding Emerald City Comic Con a further announcement has been made, this time to notify guests, artists, fans and exhibitors that, due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the convention will be postponed. Due to run from March 12th to March 15th the event will now take place in summer 2020. While this is a considerable bummer, Reedpop have confirmed that tickets will be refunded and that they will be ‘doing everything they can’ to highlight the work of those who may be suffering an income loss due to the postponement.

In other convention news, Native Realities Kickstarter for the upcoming Indigenous Con, a convention dedicated to highlighting the work of native creators, has just under a week left to fulfill its goal. In addition to tickets bonus rewards include stickers, limited edition art, and shirts with the higher levels give patrons the opportunity to support native youth in their attendance. 

Moving away from con talk, First Second have announced their acquisition of Victoria Ying’s upcoming YA graphic novel, Hungry Ghost. Due for publication in 2023 Hungry Ghost follows Valerie Chu growing up with an eating disorder in her Chinese American family and realizing how those you love most can hurt you just as much. 

Until next week!