Previously on Comics: The Evil is Defeated

Hello again! Kate here, and let’s be honest, there’s only one headline that people have been talking about this week–the exit of Dan Didio from DC Comics.

A still from the 2012 movie Cabin the Woods, with a young Japanese girl saying "The evil is defeated."

As first reported by, Dan Didio was fired this week, and the rumors seem to confirm what people have been saying for years–that he made editorial a horrible place to work, which has led to high editorial turnover during his tenure. Reactions on twitter have been mixed, one person was not shy about their feelings.

Thanks, Rob.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t prevent the pregnant Catwoman storyline/teaser/dream sequence/whatever posted by Tom King earlier this week from happening, but one can always hope. We had a lot of fun in the WWAC Slack talking about pregnancy catsuits, let me tell you.

There are other things that happened this week, though, that seem relatively important as well.

In good news, Kickstarter employees voted to unionize. As reported on Vice, this is a historic vote, because it is the first successful unionization at a tech company. Let’s hope it won’t be the last.

But the same week, Patreon, known for making savvy business decisions to help creators and not exploit them in any way, just announced that it will become a predatory payday lender, by now offering “cash advances” for Patreon owners. There’s no way this could possibly end badly.

One last thing to end with, to lift our spirits–

The Today Show has an interview with Elizabeth Montague, a 24 year-old who is the first African American woman to have a cartoon published in The New Yorker. Ever. Which is more bittersweet than joyful, I guess, since The New Yorker has been publishing for 95 years.

Until next time! Meanwhile, I’ll be here, replaying this gif for the next 1000 years.

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