Previously on Comics: DC’s Delivering the Punchline and Other Bad Ideas

Good morning, friends, and welcome to this week’s installment of Previously on Comics, where we round up the goings on from the past week in comics industry news. First up, the clown that just won’t die, and now, apparently has a new girlfriend. Because that’s just what he needs!

Joker’s New Girlfriend, Apparently

Back in January, writer James Tynion IV teased a new villain for Batman called Punchline. Now we know that she’ll make her debut in Batman #89 and will likely continue on to play a major role in the “Joker’s War” storyline. Also, she might be Joker’s new girlfriend now that Harley has mostly been liberated from that abusive relationship. How far we can trust DC to handle a new relationship for Joker is left to be seen. And really, is “everyone loves Harley, so we need a new girlfriend for the poor, lonely Joker” the story we need?

These Shoes Are Made for Mayhem

Speaking of Harley’s liberation, Jen Bartel has added a Birds of Prey shoes design to her portfolio with another Footlocker team up.

A Good Bad Idea?

Former Valiant Entertainment execs have started up a brand new, exclusive publishing company called Bad Idea. The company has enlisted 20 hand-picked stores to be exclusive distributors of their high-end comics, with a price tag of only $3.99, with no variants, collected editions, or digital version available.

Quick Hits

Archie Comics’ Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick has passed away.

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Weekly Shonen Jump released a statement in response to a poor naming choice in a recent My Hero Academia chapter.

Comics inker Dexter Vines needs our help to beat blood cancer. You can support his fundraiser here.


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