Previously On Comics: An Industry Polarized

Good morning! It’s time for another Previously.

A new Black Widow ongoing has been announced via IGN! The series has Kelly Thompson handling the writing with Elena Casagrande on art duties. It’s good timing, with the movie coming out soon. Supposedly it’s meant to be a largely stand alone book, and accessible, per Thompson. As the article states, it’s been a while since the character has had an ongoing…although with two five-issue miniseries in the last year, that’s splitting hairs a bit.

Black Widow’s not the only leading lady to make a return in comics—Star Wars favorite Doctor Aphra is getting a new ongoing! The new book will be written by Alyssa Wong, with Marika Cresta on art and Rachelle Rosenberg on colors.

Here’s a great article on encouraging your child’s love of graphic novels! It’s well timed, as the graphic novel market saw a 16% increase in sales over 2019, despite an overall drop in print book sales.

Yeni Asya editor Kazım Güleçyüz and cartoonist Halil İbrahim Özdabak were convicted of “spreading propaganda for a terrorist group.” They each face a year and change in prison.

Polarity, the company that heads up Lion Forge…or Oni? Whichever they’re going by now—has announced that they have severed ties with comics press site The Beat, with the rights to that site reverting to founder Heidi MacDonald. The move does mean the end of several roles at the site, making Polarity responsible for yet more layoffs, after the disastrous affair that was the Lion Forge/Oni merger.

And now some quick hits!

Colorist Peter Pantazis is in desperate need of help to keep from losing his home.

Do you live in the Midwest? There’s a Marvel exhibit debuting in Detroit.

George Perez has opened up his commission list.

Calling out racists makes them angryGood.

Flame Con dates and special guests have been revealed!

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