When You Wish Upon a WWAC: A Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas gifts under a tree

Shopping for the holidays can be a struggle, but we here at WWAC are happy to help. We have compiled a range of suggestions of gifts for the geeks in your life with extremely good taste. Existing over a wide spectrum of fandoms and sundry geekeries, our highest priced suggestion is $575, our most affordable is $15, and the one that I predict will be the hottest gift of the season is $25, so there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Big ticket items ($100-$600):

two people show their purple and yellow dresses

Midnight Oracle Wrap Dress by Elhoffer Design, $250

Elhoffer Design has been doing geek bound apparel for the last couple of years and has just kept growing and coming out with amazing clothes made in Los Angeles, CA. They are my favorite company to splurge on. What I’ve been eyeing lately that would make a perfect gift for your favorite comic lover is their wrap dresses. The one I chose here is inspired by a certain masked crusader who was one of my first favorites. These might be larger ticket items but the quality reflects that and their wrap dresses always look amazing, and have pockets. But check out everything on the site. Oh also it’s woman owned, operated and designed.—Kate Mattingly

a detail photo of a statue of the character emma frost has her hands up to her hairEmma Frost statue by Sideshow Collectibles, $575
Though there are other Emma Frost statues out there, this one from Sideshow Collectibles truly captures almost everything there is to love about the White Queen. She exudes confidence, power, and control and her all-knowing smirk is so perfectly crafted. Unfortunate that she’s wearing a corset and undies instead of a sleek pant suit. Granted, it’s a slightly better fitting corset and undies than some of the other outfits she’s been sculpted into, but I’m so damn tired of Marvel artists not understanding how sexy works, especially when it comes to a fashionista and businesswoman like Emma Frost. That outfit is the only thing keeping me from the tipping point of purchasing this statue to join my Storm statue, buuuut if someone else were to buy this statue for me, I’d have less issue with her attire, and I’m sure the Emma Frost fan in your life would feel the same. —Wendy Browne

A box set of Blu-rays with extra figures
Twin Peaks: From Z to A, $133ish

If you’re a Twin Peaks fan, you’ll probably join me in drooling over this new box set. It seems overdue, but this is the first time that all of the pieces of the Twin Peaks lore are available in a single collection. Included are both seasons of the original 1990 series, the 2017 series, the movie Fire Walk With Me, and Missing Pieces, the collection of deleted scenes from the movie, as well as many hours of brand new behind the scenes footage and interviews. It all comes in a fancy, special edition box that folds out into a diorama display of the famous Red Room, complete with an acrylic display piece of fan favorites Special Agent Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer. This is a “together at last” situation, as I’m sure die-hard Lynch fans have been holding out for a box set as complete as this one, and with a release date of December 10th, it’s just in time to be a perfect holiday gift. (Throw in this licensed replica of Agent Cooper’s key tag to the Great Northern if you really want to make me someone happy!) —Jameson Hampton

a high heeled shoe has the face of Snow White's stepmother
Evil Queen shoes by Irregular Choice,$189

The company Irregular Choice is known for its over-the-top shoe and accessory design, and personally I think they are at their best when they are working in partnership with known properties. They have shoes and handbags from a range of Disney movies, but my favorites are these evil queen shoes from Snow White. Buying shoes as a gift is a tricky proposition, though. You need to know the person’s shoe size, the shoe shape they prefer, and frankly for these you also need to know they want to put evil on their feet. If there’s someone in your life for whom you can answer “yes” to all those questions, get them these shoes!

You pick the Price Point!

While there are a range of organizations your friends and loved ones may support, two of our favorites here at WWAC are Hero Initiative which raises money for comics creators in need, and Costumers with a Cause, a non-profit that sends costumed heroes to visit sick kids in the hospital.

You could also browse the wares at Worldbuilders Market, a “geek-centered nonprofit supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide” that has some sweet Bitch Planet stuff, for instance.

Under $100

three people wear a sleeveless sweater reminiscent of that worn by the thirteenth doctor

Retro Rainbow 13 Shell by Elhoffer Design, $75

Another selection from Elhoffer Design, made in Los Angeles, CA by factories that pay their workers at least US minimum wage or better, which in a world of fast fashion is a big deal. For your favorite problem solver who just might be a Doctor, check out the Retro Rainbow 13 Shell. It’s great stealth nerd office wear. Be sure to check out everything on the site. Oh also it’s woman owned, operated and designed.—Kate Mattingly 

a small pot is decorated like r2d2

Le Creuset R2D2 mini cocotte, $30

Sure they have a whole Star Wars line, but the R2 D2 mini-cocotte is clearly the most adorable and most giftable. What’s nice about this, too, is that like the Retro Rainbow top from Elhoffer described above, it is a high-quality product that would make a nice gift even without the geek connection.

D&D ampersand throw pillow case from For Fans By Fans, $15

Honor the GM in your life with this cute and affordable throw pillow case that evokes the role playing game while also celebrating typography, which, I think we can all agree, belongs on decor. You could also get a throw pillow to put in it, of course, but I kind of like the idea of giving it empty, or filled with snacks. Or dice. Or themed boffer weapons. It’s a pillowcase of holding! The options are endless.

Wonder Woman night light from Her Universe deeply on sale, around $18 at last check

With the Amazon princess watching over you at night, I am sure your good dreams will be victorious.

This is fine plush dog from topatoco
This is Fine plush dog from KC Green via TopatoCo, $25 

Definitely the gift to give this season, from the increasingly prophetic comic. This plush dog is an adorable toy in its own right, and is also instantly recognizable.  “This is fine” has now been said across our cultural institutions, everywhere from the Congress floor, to the Climate march, and by Olaf the Snowman in Frozen II in the face of looming disaster. Purchasing this stuffie from TopatoCo benefits the original creator of the image, and can be hugged for comfort in these trying times: win/win.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to do less clicking, we at WWAC hereby endorse what I’ll call the TopatoCo Strategy for all your holiday shopping needs:

Emily Lauer

Emily Lauer

Emily Lauer lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter and dog. She teaches writing and literature at Suffolk County Community College where she studies comics, kids' books, adaptations and visual culture. She is a former Pubwatch Editor for WWAC, and frankly, there is a lot more gray in her hair than there was when this profile picture was taken.