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Happy Monday! Did you know Tres Dean has a new book out? Well, he does! That’s definitely the only reason people should be discussing him publicly this week.

We have a few obits to get out of the way:

Tom Lyle, co-creator of Starman (Will Payton) and Stephanie Brown, famed for his runs on Spider-Man, Robin, Star Wars, and others, passed away last week. Beyond his artistry, Tom was also a teacher at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Also on the obituary list is Purita Campos, famous Spanish cartoonist and author of the long-running comic Esther y su mundo.

Also also on that list is cartoonist Gahan Wilson, famous for macabre humor in the likes of Playboy and the New Yorker.

Looking ahead, Alan Moore is registering to vote so that he can vote against the Tories. Because *Alan Moore Said Something Publicly*, he of course became a subject of discourse again. His daughter Leah had some very pointed things to say about that.

You can now buy Black Mage at the Museum of the African Diaspora! This is great news; not only is it a fantastic recommendation for the creative team of Daniel Barnes and DJ Kirkland, but Black Mage was one of the books notoriously affected by the layoffs resulting from the Oni/Lion Forge merger. It’s very good to see good things happening for this book.

A copy of Marvel Comics #1 has sold for a cool million. With that and a tenner for Marvel Comics #1000, you can have the complete run! And so, so many Al Ewings.

Marvel has made their first comic in braille, which is very cool, but also…first? In 2019?!

Applications are open for the NYC Feminist Zine Fest!

Oh yeah, and I guess Bedside Press is closing. For, you know. Reasons.


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