Marvel Comics Pubwatch: November

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Welcome to the November Marvel Pubwatch, and my first review piece for WWAC! Real excited to get down to business with some news and reviews.

In Marvel News

Marvel Bringing Ultraman to US Comics

On Nov. 22nd Marvel announced a partnership with Japanese media company Tsuburaya Productions to bring Ultraman to the US with new comics written for an American audience. Ultraman was originally created for the Ultra Q TV series by Eiji Tsuburaya in 1966. Very popular in Japan and with a large cult following throughout the world, it will be exciting to see what Marvel comes out with, to continue adding to this mythos. Expect to see Ultraman from Marvel Comics sometime in 2020.

Copy of Marvel #1 Sells for $1.26 Million USD

At the end of November the first Marvel comic ever published sold for $1.26 million USD in near-mint condition. It was sold by Heritage Auctions. This is the most ever paid for a Marvel book, however, the book with the record is still Action Comics #1 which was sold on eBay for $3.2 million USD back in 2014.

Nebula First Solo Comic Coming in February 2020

Nebula is getting her first solo comic and it’s scheduled to come out in February 2020. Written by Vita Ayala and art by Claire Roe, this book will be focusing on Nebula escaping the shadow of Thanos and Gamora and become her own (anti)hero. It will be a limited series that will focus on Nebula building that new life and the costs that come with it. Also the cover for the first issue is done by Jen Bartel and I may get it just for that alone.
Cover for Nebula #1 from Marvel, art by Jen Bartell, out in Feb 202

Hawkeye Opening Sequence Revealed

Earlier this month Disney+ released the opening sequence for the upcoming Hawkeye live action series. If the opening is anything to go on the series may be heavily influenced by the popular Hawkeye run by Matt Fraction and David Aja. The graphics and feel all look very similar. If that’s the case, I am excited, as that is one of my favorite series of all time. All we can do is wait.


Marauders #2

Federico Blee (colors), Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (covers), Gerry Duggan (writer), Matteo Lolli (art)
November 20, 2019

Marauders #2, Marvel Comics, Nov 2019, art by Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

This promises to be my favorite X-book if it keeps going as strong as the first two issues have gone. We get to see Kate Pryde take full ownership of the role of Captain, get some sweet knuckle tattoos, and take on another unexpected role. She and Emma Frost playing these political chess games with the rest of the world is great to see. And Duggan hinted in an interview about issue 3 with that the next few issues will bring on the villains for my favorite new pirates. I can’t wait. See Wendy Browne’s full review here.

Yondu #1

Cully Hamner (cover art), John Mccrea (pencils), Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson (writers),  Michael Spicer (colors)
November 6, 2019

Cover art for Yondu #1, Marvel, Nov 2019, art by Cully Hamner

Some may enjoy this dive into Yondu’s life and world. For me it felt messy. We meet Yondu as he steals fuel from a fuel world and ends up with an item that is supposed to be on par with the Infinity Gauntlet—all while being hunted down by what passes for the law in the area, as well as someone who seems to be one of his ancestors. I may give this one another chance with the second issue but it didn’t grab me.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9

Saladin Ahmed (writer), Ian Herring (colors), Minkyu Jung (pencils), Eduard Petrovich (cover art), Juan Vlasco (inks)
November 20, 2019

Cover for The Magnificent Ms Marvel #9, Marvel Comics, Nov 2019, Eduard Petrovich

Kamala Khan has been one of my favorite Marvel characters for a while now, and she has been in good hands with Ahmed. Kamala can’t catch a break, with her parents forgetting their trip with her to space and now with her father coming down with a terminal disease no one knows how to treat. Luckily, Kamala has a pretty great support system in her friends, and Bruno sticks with her through a trip to the hospital after her father collapses. With some help from an experimental treatment from Dr. Strange, there is hope again. But of course Hyde starts attacking someone in the hospital. A fed up Kamala takes this opportunity to take out some anger, but we have yet to see if it is going to be the right choice. I recommend this series and I love how Ahmed has been writing her. I’m always nervous when a new character I love is passed from their original creator to a new writer but I didn’t need to worry with this new team.

Agents of Atlas #4

Nico Leon & Pop Mhan (art), Greg Pak (writer), Rachelle Rosenberg (colors), Junggeun Yoon (cover art)
November 20, 2019

Cover for Agents of Atlas #4, Marvel Comics, Nov 2019, Art by Junggeun Yoon

The Agents decide to dig deeper into the mysteries of Pan and the basic problems that come from a billionaire creating a city all on their own, with their own police force and government. Jimmy Woo has disappeared and from what Dan Bi and Shang Chi have found, it looks like that might be tied in with the founder of Pan, Mike Nguyen. I am really loving this team so far and meeting these new characters. Right now Dan Bi is one of my favorites, but I also love getting to see Amadeus try to figure out this leader thing that has been dropped in his lap. I’m curious to see where Pak is going with this team.

X-Men #2

Gerry Alanguilan (inks), Leinil Francis (art), Sunny Gho (colors), Jonathan Hickman (writer)
November 13, 2019

X-Men #2 Cover, Marvel Comics, Nov 2019

Full disclosure, X-Men has been an area of the Marvel universe I haven’t fully dived into because to be honest, the timeline is even more insane than the rest of the Marvel Universe. See: The Summers family tree. But this comic was very enjoyable. Seeing Rachel and Cable bicker like siblings was so good. And it’s one of the few books where I don’t hate Scott Summers (come at me, Nola). Scott goes on a field trip/mission with his kids to the island that Krakoa is heading to so they can see what they’re going to have to deal with. Surprise, it’s an island full of monsters and at least one magic user. Hickman is doing an amazing job of making X-Men still a very X-Men book while also making the book a very Hickman book. As someone with a pretty basic understanding of the X-Men I was able to keep up and understand what’s happening after reading HoXPoX. I’m going to definitely be adding this to my personal pull list. Check out Kayleigh Hearn’s full review of this issue.

Runaways #27

Kris Anka (art and covers), Kris Anka and Walden Wong (inks), Dee Cunniffe and Jim Campbell (colors), Rainbow Rowell (writer)
November 13, 2019

Cover for Runaways #27, Marvel, Nov 2019, Cover Art by Kris Anka

Runaways has always been one of my favorite books, and Rowell has done an amazing job with the series. Most of the Runaways sans Gert become the new J-Team under Dr. Justice. And they all seem to flourish under his leadership. But of course this is Runaways, and you can’t trust adults, really. This issue has some great costume montages and some lines that actually made me laugh out loud and made my roommates ask me “What?” Gert is so relatable and Kris Anka’s face acting in this issue is on point as always. If you haven’t read Rowell’s Runaways go and catch up. It’s worth it.

Captain Marvel #12

Tamara Bonvillain (colors), Mark Brooks (cover art), Lee Garbett (art), Kelly Thompson (writer)
November 20, 2019

Cover for Captain Marvel #12, Marvel Comics, Nov 2019, Mark Brooks

We start a brand new arc with a massive fight and little room given to breathe. Carol, now in a new dark suit, gives us some amazing inner monologue while surprise attacking Thor. We don’t know why yet, only that Carol must take out all of the Avengers for someone stationed in the Gray Area of the moon in the Ruins of New Attilan. Carol is answering to Vox Supreme and needs to take out five more core Avengers in 16 hours. I’m excited to know where this goes as Thompson has been one of my favorite writers for a while now, and I’ve enjoyed the previous Captain Marvel books she has written. However, I’m always a little nervous when Marvel has a “but what if they were evil’ storyline as I’ve been burned by those in the past. I’ll be picking up the next issue with cautious optimism.

What I’m excited to read in December:

X-Men #3 & 4, Excalibur #3 & 4, Marauders #3 & 4, Dr. Strange #1, Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider #1, Thor: The Worthy #1, Valkyrie: Jane Foster #6, Captain Marvel #13, Invaders #12, Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10, Agents of Atlas #5, Runaways #28, Daredevil #14 & 15, Loki TPB