Previously On Comics: Truth, Consequence, and a Lack Thereof

Happy Monday! I’m writing Previously, so of course, that means it’s another week of predatorial bullshit, where people committing misconduct keep getting away with it, and the people fighting it end up in financial straits, on top of the trauma they endure.

The Pervert writer Michelle Perez needs to complete an urgent move, and she needs help to make it happen! Cartoonist Brenna Hansen is doing her part, offering up custom sketches in exchange for donations to the cause. They’re nearly at goal, so if you can help, jump in!

Speaking of good causes, the lawsuit against creators Whit Taylor, Hazel Newlevant, and Morgan Pielli continues to drag out, and they still need help meeting the financial requirements such a sustained case creates. As a reminder, the suit is over said creators raising concerns about an alleged pattern of misconduct; its success would dangerous provide a precedent for similar suits in the future.

Finally, Image is trying to make Brandon Graham happen again, in case you had any lingering doubts about sexual misconduct allegations ruining careers. These guys just keep getting chances, don’t they?

On a happier note, Alyssa Wong is writing a new Doctor Aphra ongoing for Marvel! This is pretty exciting.

Apparently pleased by the general reception of their scripted Wolverine podcast, Marvel has inked a deal with Sirius XM and Pandora Music for several more podcasts, both scripted and non. I didn’t personally love their prior efforts with Stitcher, but I’m glad to see this nonetheless; audio dramas have a long history with comics and it’s great to see them making a comeback.

In the interest of making things more confusing for everyone, magic-and-mobsters miniseries Tommy Gun Wizards has joined Heavy Vinyl in the last-issue name switch, taking the name Machine Gun Wizards instead. The publisher hasn’t been clear on the reason for the switch, and it’s not one that makes a lot of sense; “Tommy Gun” isn’t an official name, but an informal one, referencing the Thompson submachine gun that was so popular in the Prohibition era. Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to depict that particular weapon? Who knows. Either way, if you’re looking for the final issue, now you know.

That’s all I have. Go forth, and may this week bring happier news!


Oh, wait, that’s right. One more small thing: Homestuck is back.


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