Month: October 2019

Walking Distance by Lizzy Stewart and The Tower in the Sea by B. Mure, Avery Hill Publishing (October 2019)

Walking Distance and The Tower in the Sea Lead Avery Hill’s Fall Debuts

Avery Hill takes pride in being a London-based publishing company “that helps aspiring creators reach their potential and is a home to the geniuses that the mainstream has yet to recognise.” This fall, they welcome several new titles to their roster, including Lizzy Stewart’s Walking Distance, as well as the third installment of B. Mure’s Ismyre…

Two women look melancholingly in a car. The woman driving wears glasses.

Are You Listening? Is a Road Trip Through Wistful, Empty Roads

Are You Listening? Tillie Walden (artist & writer) August 7, 2019 First Second Content warning: This work contains references to sexual assault. “The guidebooks play deception; oceans are A property of mind. All maps are fiction, All travelers come to separate frontiers.” -Adrienne Rich, Itinerary When two young women face a chance encounter on the…