Last Week’s Episode: The Cats and The Furious

Last Week’s Episode: The Cats and The Furious

Howdy team - we're trying a new day of the week for these roundups, which of course I promptly forgot about immediately, but here we are! Thursdays! What a concept! This week I absolutely do not talk about any ye olde timey film classics, but please know that I have in fact seen a movie

Howdy team – we’re trying a new day of the week for these roundups, which of course I promptly forgot about immediately, but here we are! Thursdays! What a concept! This week I absolutely do not talk about any ye olde timey film classics, but please know that I have in fact seen a movie made before 1980, and I liked it. There’s a couple of heavy stories this week so please heed the content warnings accordingly and take care of yourself!


Fast & the Furious isn’t technically a comic book movie franchise, but it basically is, right? Anyway, big news for fans of dreamboat Sung Kang — director Justin Lin has been seen wearing a #JusticeForHan shirt on the set of Fast 9. Dare I dream that justice will actually come for our unfairly killed drifting prince? [ComicBook]

Turns out David Harbor (Stranger Things, Hellboy (2019)) will be playing Soviet superhero Red Guardian in the upcoming Black Widow prequel film, and I’m here to say: please do not make them formerly married, thank you. [IGN]

Sony is considering partnering with Netflix for their upcoming live action He-Man film, where it would join cousins She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Kevin Smith’s upcoming dark and gritty He-Man cartoon. [THR]

Zoë Kravitz (High Fidelity, Big Little Lies, Mad Max: Fury Road) will be reprising her role from The LEGO Batman Movie — or rather she’ll be playing Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson’s Batman in Matt Reeves’ latest. [Variety]

However, Jonah Hill has exited the production after a lot of hype during negotiations. [Vulture]

BUT, Paul Dano was just announced (like today) as the Riddler in this now extremely star-studded production. [THR]

Catwoman’s step-dad, Aquaman, aka Jason Momoa has a very nice profile in Esquire where he gushes about Lisa Bonet and plays with a kitten. I’m sad his upcoming show See seems so inexplicably bad. [Esquire]

Ruben Fleisher, director of Venom and the upcoming Zomebieland sequel, is relieved to have Andy Serkis at the helm of Venom 2, and also thinks that the ultimate plan for the franchise is to have Tom Hardy’s gooey alien meet with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.  [ComicBookMovie]

To come full circle, while also on the press tour for Zomebieland: Double Tap, Jesse Eisenberg claimed that Deadpool hogged all the comedic screenplay writers and that contributed to the ten year gap between films. [ComicBook]

Star Wars fans have noticed a troubling trend in merchandise for the upcoming Episode IX — Rose Tico, played by Kelly Marie Tran, seems to have disappeared. What’s behind #WheresRose? Disney had no official comment, but here’s a deep dive on what fans are doing to raise awareness, and what might be the cause. [Vanity Fair]


Netflix nabbed the rights to Jeff Smith’s incredible epic fantasy comic Bone, and will work with him to develop the animated series. [THR]

Line Webtoon and The Jim Henson Company will produce an animated series based on Rachel Smythe’s comic Lore Olympus, which hopefully is gonna look incredible. [Deadline]

Though there’s no word as to whether Lore Olympus is part of the deal, Webtoon has also partnered with anime streaming service Crunchyroll to produce animated content. [CBR]

HBO Max just secured streaming rights to all 21 Studio Ghibli films, which have never been available for streaming in the States. [Polygon]

China’s biggest-ever animated film, and second biggest film ever,  Nezha, has been submitted as China’s entry for the International Feature Film category (aka the Best Foreign-Language Film) for the 2020 Oscars. The film has also made the long-list for best Animated Feature. [RadiiChina]


CW: medical rape, assault, medical fraud: Fox’s new show, Almost Family, is about three women who discover they are half-siblings, all conceived with a fertility doctor’s sperm, a far-fetched premise rooted in a real-life crime. Turns out, people who were conceived via this deception aren’t happy that their stories are being turned into a ‘heart-warming’ tale of ‘unconventional family.’  [Daily Beast]

The Television Academy attempted to strip Mindy Kaling of her producer credit on The Office, a story she didn’t share for years due to fear of repercussions (according to Twitter). [LA Times]

Kal Penn sitcom Sunnyside wasn’t canceled but was pulled from broadcast, moving directly to digital midseason. [Deadline]

Grab Bag

A new exhibit, The Force is With Our People, at the Museum of Northern Arizona, explores the connection between Star Wars and Native American culture and art. There are more than 20 contemporary Native artists on display at the exhibit, conceptualized by Tony Thibodeau. [AZ Daily Sun]

Content warnings for gun violence, abuse, suicide threats Jeremy Renner’s (Avengers, The Hurt Locker) ex-wife Sonni Pacheco alleges he threatened to kill her, threatened to commit suicide by putting a gun in his mouth, was verbally and emotionally abusive, and was intoxicated around their young child. Renner alleged shared nudes with their custody evaluator, and all of this information is from court documents obtained by TMZ. The pair married, and filed for divorce, in 2014. [The Cut]

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