Last Week’s Episode: It’s 2033. No Celebrities, No Cable TV, No Water.

Last Week's Episode

As we near the fall solstice it’s time to start prepping our spookiest outfits (no clowns please) and harvesting our decorative gourds. It’s also film festival time again and that means it’s time to debate forever if comic book movies should win Oscars.


Some potential spoilers here, but in this interview with Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix, they reveal Phoenix didn’t want to slim down for Joker and also didn’t like the fact that there were notable comic nods in the script. Phoenix was also wont to bounce from scenes with no explanation, except when working with Robert De Nero, of course.  [NYTs]

Anyway, Joker premiered at TIFF this week and won the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival last week. [IndieWire]

Partners Rian Johnson (Knives Out, The Last Jedi, Looper) and producer Ram Bergman have launched a content company, T-Street, to produce films and TV. [Deadline]

Margot Robbie LuckyChap Entertainment has in fact bought the rights to Tank Girl (as tweeted by original co-creator Alan Martin above) and has potentially tapped Miles Joris-Peyrafitte (Dreamland) to direct. [Collider]


Voice actor Vic Mignogna’s (Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Full Metal Alchemist) defamation claims against Funimation, voice actors Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial, and Rial’s fiance, have been dismissed by Tarrant County District Court Judge John P. Chupp. Rial and Marchi “made public statements regarding sexual harassment allegations” against him, and Funimation fired him after an internal investigation. Mignogna’s claims against Rial and Funimation of defamation have not been dismissed, but Chupp ruled Mignogna qualified as a “limited purpose public figure,” raising the burden of proof quite a bit for the future. Mignogna wasn’t in court the day Chupp ruled. [CBR]

Hailee Steinfeld is a top choice for Disney+’s Hawkeye; if she nabs the Kate Bishop gig I hope the show gives Kate Bishop Steinfeld’s multi-racial background. [Variety]

Showrunner Greg Walker goes deep on the upcoming season of Titans, saying “it’s like a clown car” as more heroes and villains appear. [io9]

Novelist Walter Mosley quit Star Trek: Discovery after HR told him he could not use the n-word in the writers’ room (he explained in an interview that he was using the term to describe an encounter he had with the police). [Deadline]

Voice actor Robert Axelrod passed away this week at age 70; known for providing the voice to Lord Zedd in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Axelrod worked on numerous anime and animated films during his long career. [ComicBook]

Grab Bag

Now that it’s finally fall, get spooky with this Elvira fashion line that goes up to 4x! [Revelist]

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