Previously On Comics: Now With Space Fascists

Good news folks, comics ARE for kids again! The Wall Street Journal said so. I think. It’s behind a paywall but from what I can glean they have just now learned that graphics novels that are aimed at younger readers and deal with more sensitive topics such as those by New York Times bestseller list mainstay and multi award winner Raina Telgemeier sell really well. Jonathan_Queer_ Eye_Can_You_Believe.gif

Speaking of comics aimed at kids, writer Gabby Rivera and artist Royal A. Dunlap have announced b.b. free, a new original from Boom! Box, an imprint of Boom! Studios.  Described as “a bouncy love letter to queer kids everywhere, especially the chubby Puerto Rican ones.” b.b. free (all lowercase, e.e. cummings style) will be released November 6th.

Variant cover for b.b. free #1

In convention news, 2019 Eisner award winner for best comics-related journalism and editor of Panel x Panel Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou was denied a press pass for New York Comic Con. Following some friendly nudging via Twitter, NYCC seems to have changed its mind regarding the decision and a pass has been issued, but come on NYCC, what are you doing?

Not to be overshadowed by some low level incompetence, Fan Expo Canada looked to one up every convention this season by hosting a citizenship ceremony which allowed 90 new Canadians to swear their oaths of citizenship in front of a group of strangers in cosplay. Supported by members of the Canadian Garrison of the 501st Legion, sometimes referred to as ‘Vader’s Fist,’,  a costuming organization that represent the villainous characters from the STAR WARS sagas, the event split opinions as some felt it turned what should have been a dignified ceremony into a farce and others were confused by the symbolism of swearing their oath in front of ‘the bad guys’.

Quick Hits!

“DITKO,” a play based on the life of Steve Ditko has been announced by The Daydream Theatre and TheatreLab.

‘Darwyn Cooke’ has been shortlisted as a potential name for a street in his old neighbourhood. Toronto residents can weigh in on name selection until September 2nd.

United Sketches has launched the world’s first international cartoon award dedicated to women and non binary folk.

The Nib has relaunched as an independent publication and is holding a summer fundraiser to help get them back on their feet 

SPX announced the nominees for the 2019 Ignatz Awards