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Last Week's Episode

Tuesday feels like a fake day so Wednesday is always creeping up on me! This week we got a ton of Disney news (just like the rest of our lives), Titans, and Hollywood racism, and a financial scheme!

First, I’m not recapping the entirety of D23, because I wasn’t there and I don’t have the time, but IGN has a complete rundown of what was announced for you to peruse.

But also, Disney giveth and Disney also taketh away: now that Disney owns all of Fox’s back catalogue, they’ve begun to restrict screenings of old(er) classics and favorites. While repertory theatres and Rocky Horror Picture Show are safe, this year might be the last one you can catch something like Alien on a big screen.  [Star Tribune]

(Comic Book) Films

[extremely niche joke alert] I can’t believe his origin story is someone being mean to him on a bus, he’d never survive in DC. Anyway I had no idea Zazie Beetz was a love interest in this because I sort of assumed Joaquin Phoenix was playing him as an incel, but there she is. I’m willing to be surprised but so far I’m not hype for it, y’all!

The cast for New Line’s Mortal Kombat continues to expand as final negotiations are underway with Jessica McNamee (The Meg, Battle of the Sexes) as Sonya, Josh Lawson (Superstore, House of Lies) as Kano, and Lewis Tan (Wu Assassins, Iron Fist) as a mystery character. [THR]

Sony’s other Tom Holland project, Uncharted, is having some troubles as it loses another director. [THR]


Legends of Tomorrow stars Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Atom) and Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) will be leaving the show after the upcoming season 5. Also, they’re married irl, which I didn’t know! [Deadline]

Since this week’s column is all embeds, I won’t plop The Mandolorian trailer here, but it rules AND Ming-Na Wen has been announced as part of the cast.

Disney+’s Loki has been confirmed as a comedic six episode mini-series, written by Michael Waldron, who has credits as a production assistant on Rick & Morty (though many outlets credited him as a R&M writer, IMDB only gives him writing credit on Dan Harmon’s HarmonQuest), and directed by Kate Herron (Sex Education) [Collider]

G. Willow Wilson, co-creator of Ms. Marvel and writer of her series for sixty issues, says the live-action viability of Kamala Khan was never considered, and while she’s thrilled she’s not sure how the powers will translate without being “creepy.” [Polygon]

Grab Bag

The USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative released a study this month called Latinos in Film: Erasure on Screen and Behind the Camera Across 1,200 Popular Movies, which looked at the top grossing 100 films from 2007-2018, and found only 4.5% speaking roles (47,268 in total) went to Latinx actors, and only 3% of leads. Latinxs make up about 18% of the US population.  [Variety]

Bustle has an in-depth look at the lawsuit brought by Amaani Lyle, the lone Black woman in the Friends’ writers room, against the show due to sexual harassment in 2002. [Bustle]

I can’t describe this story better than the subhed: “As they helped finance 2018 Sundance hit The Tale, Jason Van Eman and Ben McConley were allegedly running a scam to bilk millions from would-be investors.” This story’s got Laura Dern, Wells Fargo, and fake letterheads! [IndieWire]

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