Last Week’s Episode: Swamp Mess

Last Week's Episode

Hello friends and insomniacs, another week of news is here. We’ve got the skinny on Swamp Thing, X-Men, and more!


Elizabeth Hurley will be playing Morgan Le Fey in season three of Runaways. [TVline]

So, Swamp Thing got cancelled. While the cancellation was initially linked with previous reports of creative strife, intrepid writer, cartoonist (Stripped movie reviews), and Twitter user John Gholson (@gholson, currently banned/deleted) wrote a thread explaining that it was actually a tax-credit related issue — that the production was promised a $40 million tax credit that the North Carolina government bungled. He linked some regional sources and the story got widely circulated. THEN, Deadline reached out to Guy Gasser, director of the North Carolina Film Office, who fact-checked the thread, saying that Swamp Thing received “the $12 million maximum” allotted by the legislature creating the North Carolina Film and Entertainment Grant program. (As an aside, while I appreciate the reporting the article was unnecessarily snide toward a non-journalist for his Twitter thread, especially since Gholson did post a correction).

Wilmington newspaper Star-News went a step further and explained exactly what Gholson misinterpreted in earlier reports on the Grant’s budget. Ultimately, no one but WB knows why the critically-praised show got canned, and perhaps we’ll never know.  [Star-News]

Teaser images from Disney+’s Loki show confirm that it’s not all set in the present day. [ScreenRant]

THR has a dishy article on how Fox managed to bungle Dark Phoenix, again. [THR]


Sony has confirmed Aaron McGruder is on-board for the return of The Boondoocks. [io9]

The results of the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study, “Increasing Inclusion in Animation,” digs into the lack of opportunities in animation for marginalized creators, and is the first study of its kind to focus solely on animation. [CartoonBrew]

If you’re going to LA Comic Con, you’re in for a treat: the original cast of X-Men: The Animated Series will be there (and the creative team wants to pick up where they left off!) [THR]


Randall Park annotated his own lyrics to ‘I Punched Keanu Reeves’ from Always Be My Maybe. [Vulture]

Learn more about the music behind When They See Us with this podcast with Kris Bowers, the composer. [Deadline]

Gay Shit

It’s pride month, baby, which means it’s a perfect time to watch the Wachowski sisters‘ first film, the lesbian noir Bound, starring Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon. Refresh yourself with this beautiful photoshoot and interview with the stars, where they talk about each other’s legs and more! [Entertainment Weekly]

Billy Porter talks about straight actors getting award for playing gay and it is extremely satisfying. Season two of Pose kicked off this week!

Steven Blum chats with 11 queer actors from Netflix properties about, you know, queer representation. It’s very affirming! [them.]

Enjoy some ye olde timey meta on Revolutionary Girl Utena, with a content warning for some extremely dated language about gender in the beginning.

Grab Bag

Sacramento’s Richmond Park is now LeVar Burton Park — he returned to his hometown for the ceremony yesterday. [Sacramento Bee]

It’s Bene Gesserit time, baby! Produced by Denis Villeneuve (the creative head of next year’s Dune film), Dune: The Sisterhood will air on WarnerMedia’s streaming service, which I guess exists. [THR]

Shit Bag

CW: discussions of emotional and physical abuse follows, and this is a blanket content warning for all links in this section.

Mediocre screenwriter and son of director John Landis, Max Landis (Dirk Gently, American Ultra, Bright), has been accused of abuse. Actress Whitney Moore, who once dated him, posted on Twitter and Instagram about their relationship, alleging that he did “horrific, inhumane” things to her.

Landis has certainly been candid in the past about being a horrible boyfriend (click here for more context about how he responded to criticism after that interview), and there have been previous allegations of abusive behavior. In Pajiba’s write-up today, they recount one woman who spoke out anonymously including “claims that she had submitted extensive evidence of her allegation to The Hollywood Reporter, who then chose not to run the story.” Other allegations of abusive and terrible behavior have started to hit Twitter again, along with a wave of support for Moore.

Landis has yet to respond.

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