Analyzing the Snapture – Where Did The Mets Go?

Avengers: Endgame raised many questions about things like time travel, quantum physics and, compulsory heterosexuality, among other things. But one question from the film has haunted me unlike any other: Where did the Mets go?

The Mets, the MLB team that plays National League baseball in Queens, New York, are mentioned twice in Endgame. After it’s revealed that a whopping five years have passed since Thanos’ Snapture destroyed half the life in the universe, aerial shots of New York City are used to show just how much the world has changed. One view is of Citi Field, where the Mets played. The stadium is abandoned. There’s some debris on the field and there’s a mess of cars in the parking lot. It looks like Thanos might’ve snapped shortly before or after a game.

An empty Citi Field post-snap.

The second mention comes on the heels of this shot. Captain America is leading a grief support group, and one man (the “historic” gay character) talks about adjusting to the new world order. He says he misses the Mets.

OK, but where did they go?

Maybe the movie wants us to think that everyone is so traumatized that they can’t bear the thought of playing or watching baseball. But as a long time baseball and sports fan, there’s no way this is true. There’s nothing fans love more than when someone does really good at sports after something terrible as happen. Many Mets fans’ favorite moment ever is Mike Piazza hitting a homerun on September 21, 2001, the first baseball game in New York after 9/11. There’s another conversation to be had about this troubling tendency to deify athletes for performing amid terrible grief, but you can’t deny that it’s a trend. The first baseball game after the Snapture — whether it was a month or a year later — would’ve been a huge deal. And someone would’ve hit a homerun and everyone would’ve cried while thinking of all the people who weren’t there to see it.

Okay, I can hear your next argument. Fifty percent of the baseball players are dead. There’s not enough people to field the teams. This is patently ridiculous, though. Baseball in the United States of America is made of not just the top players who work in the MLB, but also hundreds of men who are underpaid in the minor league, plus the thousands who play in college. The MLB teams would just call these players up to fill out their squads. The quality of the game wouldn’t be as good, of course, but there’d be enough people to play.

Of course, the fan base would be cut by 50 percent as well, so the whole operation would be much less profitable than it was before the snap. But it would still be more profitable than no baseball at all, and there’s no way the rich people who run these teams wouldn’t want some cash.

Let’s go back to our text. The unnamed gay man at support group says he misses the Mets, not baseball. No other team is ever mentioned in the film. It’s possible that other teams are playing. Maybe the commissioner of baseball cut the teams by 50 percent. And New York has two teams, and one is, sadly, more popular and more successful… unfortunately it seems extremely likely that in Avengers: Endgame, the Yankees are playing and the Mets are not. This film really is a tragedy, after all.

But there is still hope for Mets fans! In the Spider-man: Far From Home trailer, Peter Parker has a Mike Piazza pennant on his wall. Hopefully he bought it at Opening Day, 2024.