Long May She Reign: FSCW’s Aerial Monroe

Monroe as Storm with her Championship belt.

Professional badass wrestler Aerial Monroe is a goddess. Seriously. She first appeared on the professional wrestling circuit in 2015 and has been going nonstop ever since. She’s a veteran of female-lead wrestling events such as the Queens of Combat, SHINE, and Shimmer. As if that list wasn’t impressive enough, Aerial debuted in WWE’s Monday Night RAW in 2016 and returned in 2018.

In 2017, she joined the Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling (FSCW), adding cosplay wrestler to her growing wrestling resume. In her first year with the FSCW, Monroe played Vixen. A year later in 2018, she became the first FSCW Women’s Champion as Storm!

Monroe as Storm with her Championship belt.
Monroe as Storm with her Championship belt. Photo credit: Rob Holt/Fisticuffs Photography

Monroe (aka Big Swole) was kind enough to sit down and answer a few of my questions discussing her cosplay experiences with the FSCW and her wrestling career.

Like many people, Monroe’s interest in wrestling began when she was young, watching the sport on television, but it took some trial and error to make her way into wrestling herself. It wasn’t until she moved to Charlotte that she discovered Highspots training school and “immediately jumped on the opportunity to train.”

Women in wrestling have made enormous progress since the ‘80s and ‘90s. There are all women leagues, events (Shimmer, etc) and it only seems to be growing larger and more diverse. What do you hope to see in the future of wrestling and cosplay wrestling?

I just want that diversity to keep rising, there are so many gems out there.

Who is your female wrestling role model? Why?

Oh, I love Mercedes Martinez! She holds her own and then some. She’s the nicest most badass woman on the planet. Ultra-talented, swag for eons, my dude.

In my article on the FSCW, Dan Parrella told me about the discussion and decisions about a wrestler’s costume. Do you find your costumes hinder or improve your ability to do more advanced wrestling moves?

Sometimes the costumes can be a nuisance because I’m typically not used to so much coverage. But it gets easier with practice.

Monroe as Vixen and Storm in FSCW's Instagram promo.
Monroe as Vixen and Storm in FSCW’s Instagram promo. Photo credit: FSCW

Are you involved or have input in what character you decide to play?

Kind of, you can put in ideas and they can tinker with it and see if it pans out. Usually, it does though.

Do you find yourself embodying your character(s) outside of the ring?

You know sometimes Mrs. Ororo wants to come out but we have to keep her at bay, she’s too feisty.

Storm standing in the ring with her Championship belt.
Long live the Queen! Photo credit: Rob Holt/Fisticuffs Photography

What’s the most memorable experience (match, fan interaction, etc.) you’ve had as a cosplay wrestler?

The night I won the FSCW Women’s Championship was so magical. The crowd was standing room only and folks shouting Wakanda Forever! It was a sight to see. Plus we had the best night ever afterwards!

What’s been the hardest challenge (so far) of your professional wrestling career?

My hardest challenge would be in the mental category. When you start anything and it doesn’t immediately take off, little things start to try and come into your life. Complacency, bitterness and that of the sorts. I try my best to stay positive and look at things differently.

What would be your dream cosplay wrestling role?

Storm is my dream cosplay! There is none other like her, she has presence, athleticism, charm, she’s a Queen, was married to Black Panther, all around win.

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Amanda Hardebeck

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