In the Ring With Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling (FSCW)

Wrestler and cosplayer Leva Bates as Jinx. Photo credit: Rob Holt, Fisicuffs Photography

It’s not every day you see Skeletor from He-Man & the Masters of the Universe place a choke hold on Spider-Man. Or Borderland’s Jinx body slam Lana Kane from Archer.

Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling (FSCW) was created in 2009 by Florida Supercon founder Mike Broder. The idea for FSCW was to “offer a form of entertainment that combined [cosplay and wrestling] and offered a lively night-time show.” With this unique combination of cosplay and wrestling, the FSCW uses the basic story arc structure of wrestling within the boundaries of cosplay that can be told within a weekend event. Broder utilized local Florida wrestlers in first years of the FSCW, which quickly grew to include wrestlers from across the United States.

In talking with WWAC about the rewards and challenges of combining these two mediums, FSCW’s manager and supporting cast member Dan Parrella offered some interesting insights into FSCW’s process. When he’s not sauntering around the ring as Futurama’s Zapp Brannigan on occasion, Parrella is FSCW’s manager and handles bookings and character rosters for each wrestling event. FSCW’s growing roster has 64 active wrestlers, with 40% being women. FSCW has the largest number of women on the roster than any other mixed independent wrestling organization in the United States.

Parrella explained that he and the wrestlers talk about what character might work for them in the ring. “A lot goes into the casting other than ‘would this person look good as x.’ We have to see what type of hero or villain we need for the show, what costumes will be able to be created that can take the punishment of wrestling, and what power set can be portrayed well enough in the ring. When I cast a character, the first two questions I have are, ‘Can they beat and can they be beaten by a majority of our roster?’ If the answer is yes, then I know they will be a good fit for the show.”

The cosplay costumes and props are carefully made to endure the wear and tear done by the wrestlers while maintaining authenticity and precision by the costume department. FSCW’s costume department is made up of professional cosplayers Harley’s Love Shack, Kiki Kannon, and The Great Scott. Along with creating FSCW’s costumes, all three members of the costume department have been cosplaying at conventions, including ComicCon and Florida Supercon, for several years.

FSCW has crisscrossed across the United States and shows no signs of stopping. The FSCW’s ultimate goal is to be “mentioned in the same breath as other major independent wrestling promotions as well as top convention entertainment.” Parrella promised that the FSCW’s 2019 and 2020 events will “wow the audience” and bring in more cosplayers and wrestling fans.

For all you con-goers, here’s FSCW’s 2019 con schedule:

GalaxyCon Richmond: May 31-June 2
Florida Supercon: July 4-7
Raleigh Supercon: July 25-28
GalaxyCon Minneapolis: November 8-10
Louisville Supercon: November 22-24

Amanda Hardebeck

Amanda Hardebeck

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