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We had some fun this week! In one of her screwball Twitter bits, Gail Simone started asking brands on Twitter who their favorite comics publishers were. Twitter brand accounts, which are usually run by social-media-savvy younger employees, were quick to jump on this super easy publicity opportunity, as these sorts of things have a proven track record of driving business to them, not to mention providing a convenient distraction from things like the fact that the Wendy’s Corporation deliberately moved tomato purchases to a megafarm in Mexico in order to stiff Florida farm workers. What really made it blow up was a few fans questioning the faceless brand representative on their comic book lore, a move that caused a whole bunch of comics folks to come out of the woodwork to defend the brand, which, once again, moved ingredient production to a farm that workers are literally trying to flee for their lives from. Yay, comics!

Mike S. Miller, who had already made sure to establish a reputation as a swell guy, decided to dig himself deeper by altering an original work by deceased comics artist Mike Wieringo in order to promote whatever garbage independent book he’s making. He was, naturally, met with outrage, and has very likely burnt whatever bridges he had remaining with reputable comics companies, which means the company owned by a Trump donor and run by an Editor-in-Chief who pretended to be Asian in order to get work will probably still hire him. Then again, if their Chief Creative Officer has a say…

The Boondocks is back! Creator Aaron McGruder is here to roast the current state of American politics. He started off with six strips posted to Charlamagne Tha God’s Instagram, and is planning more.

Are you a heavy Patreon user? You might want to start making backup plans now, as its CEO is claiming that the company’s current business model is unsustainable (translation: the investors want more profit). It remains to be seen what this means exactly, but it can’t be good for independent comics folks, that’s for sure.

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That’s all I got for you. Be wary of brand interaction! Have a good week!

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