Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34: Rangers Unleashed!

A Zord in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34 Cover A. Written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Simone Di Meo. Published by BOOM! Studios. December 26, 2018

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34

“Beyond the Grid”
Marguerite Bennett (Writer), Simone Di Meo (Artist), Alessandro Cappuccio (Artist), Francesco Mortarino (Artist), Walter Baiamonte (Colours), Francesco Segala (Colours), Ed Dukeshire (Letters)
“The New Adventures of Blue Senturion & Ninjor”
Ryan Ferrier (Writer), Bachan (Artist), Jeremy Lawson (Colours), Jim Campbell (Letters)
BOOM! Studios
26 December, 2018

Rejoice! The Power Rangers are morphing again! The Void’s Solar Ranger, Ellarien, had been using the Solarix to tap into the Morphin Grid despite its absence in the Void. At the end of the previous issue, Ellarien had become an ally to the Power Rangers and allowed them to tap into the Solarix’s power to morph again. Everyone, breathe a sigh of relief.

The Pink Ranger is reflected in the visor of the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34 Cover C. Written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Simone Di Meo. Published by BOOM! Studios. December 26, 2018

But hot on their tail is the Praetor, a powerful and resourceful being in the Void with an intense desire to own the Solarix. Ellarien has been able to protect it all this while, but she needs all the Rangers’ help to continue to do so. The Rangers are going to have to pull out all the tricks if they want to make it back to their ship in one piece.

This action-heavy installment of the “Beyond the Grid” storyline also works surprisingly well as a character study. Through the Praetor’s omniscient knowledge of the Rangers, not only do readers learn more about them, but the Rangers are also forced to face their darkest fears in the hopes of coming out victorious.

I love that writer Marguerite Bennett is sharing these tantalising little details about the characters with us, especially the more haunted ones like Heckyl, a.k.a. Dark Ranger, and Kimberly Hart, a.k.a. Ranger Slayer. I also enjoyed the interaction between the Rangers in this issue. They have been dissonant so far, which is expected considering they’ve lost the entire universe and everyone they loved in it. The Rangers have had to work together since finding themselves in the Void galaxy, but time for interpersonal interaction has been limited.

The Power Rangers wonder about their sudden ability to morph again in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34 Page 3. Written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Simone Di Meo. Published by BOOM! Studios. December 26, 2018

In this issue, the team really does come together. Not only do they fight by each other’s side but they pull each other out of the psychological slump that the Praetor sends each of them into. I particularly loved when Heckyl, Tanya, and Andros, who are badly affected by the Praetor’s words, are gee’d up by Kimberly and Cameron. This team is made up of Rangers from various universes, but that doesn’t stop them from working together like one family.

There is also a brief moment between Kim and Ellarien, which more than cements Ellarien’s future as a regular member of the Rangers. I could not be happier for Ellarien’s inclusion in this arc. Yes, there are a lot of characters in the book, and I do wish there was an index I could refer to, but Ellarien is a fascinating character who has the potential to add another dimension to the Rangers.

I can’t possibly write this review without mentioning, as I have done in each review of this series, how much I adore the double-page spreads. There are a variety of double-pagers in this issue, some that spread the conversation across the pages, others that show the scale of the action. I look forward to these pages in every issue, and I always come away marveling at the beauty that artist Simone Di Meo manages to capture on the printed page. And the moment when the Rangers unleash the Zords—pure nostalgic magic!

Kim and Ellarien talk in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #34 Pages 5 & 6. Written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Simone Di Meo. Published by BOOM! Studios. December 26, 2018
Double-page spread ftw!

Di Meo breaks up the pages a little with stylised panels, which made me love his art even more than I usually do. He packs in so much detail on a single page that I find myself going over each book several times so I can absorb it better. I feel like Di Meo has put more detail in the characters’ faces in recent issues, and I feel that trend is continued in this book. Granted, the characters are in their Morph suits for a large part of the story, but even then, Di Meo uses a technique to show the characters’ expressions. I can’t wait to see more of this.

The final two pages of this book are usually dedicated to Ryan Ferrier’s “The New Adventures of Blue Senturion & Ninjor,” but in this issue, we get a repeat of the story from the previous installment. I was really looking forward to a continuation of the story, as it had started getting exciting, so I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t. I look forward to reading more in next month’s issue.

I am thoroughly enjoying the “Beyond the Grid” story arc and can’t wait to read it every month. The characters become more interesting every issue, and I want to learn more about them. I’m also intrigued by the Praetor: what is he, and how is he able to know so much about the Rangers? The next few issues are going to be a roller coaster ride!

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