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Good morning. Let’s talk news.

Breyfogle’s Batman always makes an entrance.

The comics world suffered a profound loss this week when it was announced that Norm Breyfogle passed away. Breyfogle was one of the primary artists on Batman during the resurgence of that character’s popularity in the 1980s after the success of The Dark Knight Returns. He’s one of those artists that, for many today, drew their signature Batman; he was certainly one of my absolute favorites, and I’m personally incredibly saddened to learn of his passing. Breyfogle suffered a stroke in 2014 that left him unable to draw, at which point he had to turn to an online funding campaign to cover the cost of his care. The cause of his passing is still unknown.

The Comicsgate saga continues; Ethan Van Sciver finally put Gail Simone in his crosshairs in a YouTube video. The two had previously been friends for years, so the video was a shock to Simone, and she shared her thoughts here. It’s certainly an interesting move for EVS, who has typically targeted individuals with a much smaller fanbase than his, and it definitely does not reflect well on him here.

In further Comicsgate news, Richard Meyer is now suing Mark Waid for defamation after the latter allegedly got him dropped from Antarctic Press. Both Waid and Antarctic’s accounts dispute this–Waid has stated he put a single call in to Antarctic, and was told his comments would be passed on. Antarctic has confirmed this version of events and rejected the idea that they were bullied into dropping Meyer’s book, despite Meyer’s repeated claims that they were “viciously harassed” into doing so. SIDENOTE: We generally make it a practice not to link to Bleeding Cool, but as of this writing they are the only legitimate outlet reporting on the story. FURTHER SIDENOTE: Mark Waid is being represented by Mark Zaid. Mark. Zaid.

John Cassaday was named the Chief Creative Officer of Humanoids, Inc, a French publisher famous for publishing the likes of Moebius and self-avowed rapist Alejandro Jodorowsky. Cassaday himself has a storied history, having created I Am Legion for Humanoids in 2004, not to mention drawing Astonishing X-Men when Joss Whedon took that book over.

That’s all we have for you this week–the world outside of comics has been…well, a little intense. Stay safe and take care of yourselves out there.

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