Previously on Comics: The Valkyries’ Ragnarok and Saying Goodbye to FPI’s Blog

Previously on Comics banner by Corissa Haury

Back to back conventions has meant that for the most part everyone has either been too busy, in transit or just too tired to cause any trouble so this last week was been strangely quiet on the news front. Until suddenly it wasn’t and the white feminism™  we all know and hate once again reared its ugly highlights and made a scene. Always trying to spoil it for the rest of us, eh?

The week started off pretty serenely with the first inklings that something interesting was occuring came in the form of a tweet for literary agent Barry Goldblatt who noticed that  The Babysitter’s Club graphic novel adaptations were on the NYT children’s series best sellers list and queried as to whether or not this meant graphic novels could now qualify on all the lists. While there has yet to be a response to his question it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

On wednesday, Forbidden Planet International announced that they would be saying goodbye to their blog after thirteen and a half years. The blog was eulogised by a number of sites including The Comics Reporter who have wished them luck in the future.

Things came to a head for The Valkyries when, rather than addressing the issues raised by women of colour in their group, they decided it would be infinitely easier to just call it a day. The statement announcing their decision to disband issued via their twitter account on Thursday raised more than a few eyebrows as it did little to accept responsibilities for their failings as a community and as a safe space and instead tried to shift the blame towards those who had suffered at the hands of their very White™ brand of feminism.
Following criticism from both members of the group and the community in general the statement was removed and an apology was issued, again via twitter.

While this showed a noticeable improvement in tone and tact, it still felt like too little too late and I think we can agree that The Valkyries as an organisation has proved to be a wasted opportunity.