Previously On Comics: Comics Books on the Man Booker Shortlist, Goodbye Koyama, and More

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It’s funny how quiet it always seems a week past a major con. Like everyone’s still recovering. How about you, rested up, feeling better? I hope so, because the news keeps coming.

We started last week off with an announcement that, for the first time, a graphic novel comic book has made the longlist for the Man Booker prize! The Guardian had plenty to say about this, first with the announcement, and then with a piece by our very own former EiC, Claire Napier (we see you, Claire, doing the thing)!

Next, it was announced that Annie Koyama will be shuttering Koyama Press in the next few years to instead focus on patronage. What’s that mean? It means she’s going to be paying artists. In money. Real money. Said Koyama, “There are no strings attached. Once I decide to work with an artist, as I have always done with the press, I put enough trust in them and their project not to interfere. They don’t need my creative help, they need money.”

Comics made the big time again, when Jim Jeffries brought coverage of that guy to Comedy Central. Jeffries made him out to be a clown and everyone had a laugh–except the victims of his frequent targeted harassment, whose concerns were ignored by producers after refusing to be on the segment.

In less turbulent news, Valiant scored in the hiring of Lysa Hawkins to their team–Hawkins is a longtime comic editor with a resume that includes Birds of Prey and X-Men. Curious about what Valiant’s been up to lately? We’ve got you covered here and here, with a PUBWATCH on the way soon!

Continuing the theme of things we’ve covered, Keezy Young’s Taproot won a Florida Authors and Publishers Association award for best cover design! You can also read an interview with the author here, if you’re so inclined.

Going to be at FlameCon? Have some work you’d like to promote, but no table? Go head to the Kickstarter booth! The company announced this week that they’ll be making space for table-less authors to promote themselves, which is a very cool move. Less cool is the amount authors will be expected to pay for WiFi. This puts smaller authors in a particular bind, as a hundred bucks represents a significant bite out of what could already be a small profit.

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