Previously On Comics: Shaping Up and Shipping Out

First, have you heard the news? WWAC is moving! Find out more about it, and be sure to back our IndieGoGo, so we can continue doing what we do best: delivering thoughtful analysis of the best medium in the world. I’m not one to tell you how to spend your money, buuuuut, certain tiers of support do result in physical copies of Bleating Heart PressSecrets of the Goat People, so.

Y’know that running-joke-but-not-really-a-joke about how I have to keep writing about harassment every time I do one of these? Well, here is a letter from Jamie Broadnax’s lawyer trying to intimidate her former cohost of the Misty Knight’s Uniformed Afro into silence for apparently threatening the brand. It’s very aggressive in tone, given that Stephanie Williams has already left the podcast and surrendered all control. Presumably, in absence of an NDA, Ms. Williams is free to speak as she pleases about her experiences.

At least it wasn’t a dude creeping on women this time?

In better news, Top Cow has announced the results of their 2018 Talent Hunt, so congratulations to Cecilia Lo Valvo, Jesse Elliot, Levi Fleming, and Stephanie Phillips! It’s always lovely to see new creators promoted on a wide scale within the industry–rising tides and lifting ships, you know. Past winners include Tini Howard and Ryan Cady, who’ve both made names for themselves since. Congratulations again!

Some quick hits:

  • Speaking of comics and new hires, Drawn and Quarterly is looking for a marketing assistant! Here’s a write-up for that position, go check it out, tell ‘em WWAC sent you.
  • This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! What did you pick up, how did you feel about it? Feel free to jump in the comments here to see what we thought, and tell us all about your haul.
  • Rachel Reed has stepped down as Marketing Manager at Oni Press for personal reasons. Rachel was an excellent influence at Oni, and we here at WWAC are certainly going to miss her presence there. Best of luck for you in the future, Rachel!
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Nola Pfau

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