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Happy Monday, folks. We’re a bit late on the news this week thanks to a recurring bout of site issues preventing login, but it appears we’re back! Before we get to the rest of comics news for the last week, I want to cover the most important bit:

A couple of lists made the rounds on Twitter last week. Lists that suggested certain creators, critics, and journalists within the industry should be blacklisted in order to address the “declining quality” of comics. The lists, comprised of several image posts, stress that they are not to be used for harassment/doxing, only to then include a disclaimer that the organizers behind it are not responsible should folks take matters into their own hands. Additionally, despite that instruction, individuals writing under pen names on the list have their real names included. Funny, that.

I’m not going to share the lists themselves; they are being propagated by individuals of no note, and there is nothing to be gained by anyone in amplifying those voices. If you’ve seen them, if you’re aware of them, hopefully, you’ve reported them, if you haven’t yet, please do so if you come across them.

I want specifically to address a certain prevailing attitude regarding those lists though. It’s easy to be derisive when confronted with ill-informed and ill-mannered folks who prove their pedigree, but it’s also important that we as a culture conduct ourselves carefully so as not to inadvertently harm victims. That’s what the people on this list are, in case you’re unclear: They are victims. They are being targeted.

Now, the rest of the news:

Speaking of lists of names, a letter containing over 400 signatures has been sent to the New York Times urging them to once again include graphic novels in their bestseller lists. The category was suddenly and unceremoniously removed in January of last year, and the hope is that NYT’s new publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, will reconsider the decision.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty big fan of cross-media artistic endeavors, and so this theater adaptation of the classic manga Pluto, by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki, struck me as very cool indeed. The show wrapped its run at the Barbican on February 11th, and is now headed to Belgium–if you’re in the neighborhood, maybe give it a chance!

There have been a couple of personnel shakeups in the industry recently too: First, Lion Forge has promoted Christina Stewart to an Associate Editor position. It’s a strong move, and we wish her the best of success! Second, Image has added longtime employee Eric Stephenson to their board of directors, to which WWAC Editor Claire Napier replied, “Was he.. not there before?” It’s an interesting move and has fueled a fair bit of speculation regarding Image’s moves forward as a company.

Some convention news: ECCC badges started arriving this week! If you’re an ECCC attendee from outside the US, you might have to pick up your badge at Will Call–assuming that you’re even able to make it past the border yourself, that is. If you are able to make it, I’ll be repping WWAC there along with several other individuals, so hopefully, we’ll see you!

2000AD has announced a Summer Special featuring only women creators! If you’d like to submit, you can do so HERE.

Also, if you’re a fan at all of the Dark Souls game franchise, an accompanying comic is planned for the remastered re-release of the first game in that trilogy.

During this, the week of the Winter Olympics, we’d be remiss if we didn’t direct you to check out Kicking Ice, a comic about women’s hockey, currently on Kickstarter. If that Kickstarter page doesn’t quite satisfy your curiosity, you can also read our interview with the creator.

Finally, here’s a tumblr post recounting a history of webcomics in the early 2000s. I’m not entirely certain I agree with some of the assertions made here, but it’s a fascinating read (and a trip down memory lane for yours truly) nonetheless.

That’s all I have for you this week; see you soon!

Nola Pfau

Nola Pfau

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