52 Facts About DC, By The Numbers: July 19, 2017

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Or However Many I Feel Like, And Some Might Not Be Facts

Hi! I’m Annie Blitzen, and I’ll be doing a weekly round-up of about half of that week’s DC Comics. Corinne McCreery will be covering the other half.

It’s a lot of books to cover, so I’ll be breaking down the first five pages of each title by the numbers. Number of panels, number of characters of color, number of times female characters talk to each other, number of sound effects starting with the letter “s,” you name it!

By its nature, this article will contain spoilers, but they’ll all be from the 5-page section of the book available in regular press reviews, so I won’t be spoiling anything DC hasn’t already. I’ll try to avoid giving away dramatic reveals and the like, but no promises.

Let’s get to it!

Main Ongoing Titles

Those eyebrows!
Aquaman #26: Art by Stjepan Sejic, story by Dan Abnett

Aquaman #26

Number of highly expressive Stjepan Sejic faces: 12, including an awesome cover and one of Sejic’s trademark frowns.

Batman #27

Number of abrupt fast-forward scene changes: 4, which is every single page.

Batwoman #5

Number of times two ladies kiss: 1, plus the cover, which is nearly a kiss.

Number of Sherlock-style details about Kate’s body cited in deductions by a powerful and mysterious lady: 5, and the deductions paint a very Renee Montoya-like image.

Number of times my tiny lesbian heart almost burst: 4

Harley Quinn #24

Number of ridiculous interjections uttered by Harley: Holee catch phrase olee! 3!

Number of panels with Harley in bondage: 5

Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Nightwing #25

Number of panels with Dick grimacing: 6, in a very Batman style.

Number of panels with his butt: 0

Trinity #11

Number of times Diana says “true” or “truth”: 3

Number of awesome Sienkiewicz variant covers: 1

Mini-Series and Digital-First Titles

Batman ‘66 Meets the Legion of Super Heroes #1

Number of Allreds working on the book: 3

Number of Bat-things: 5

Number of times Legionnaires talk smack about the 20th century: 4

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #10

Number of times I’m going to write out that whole title: Every damn time

Number of weird panel transitions: 3, and one panel with a frame.

Cover by Ant Lucia

DC Comics Bombshells #31

(In the printed edition numbering, which I think collects #92-94 by the digital edition numbering)

Number of lines delivered by male characters: 3, plus 6 that come from the off-panel mob rather than a specific character.

Number of flaming torches carried by an angry mob: at least 11, which ironically foreshadows baby Killer Frost killing them all with ice.

Injustice 2 #6

Number of times male characters actually touch in a sequence about brotherhood: 3, though one of them is dead one of those times.

Number of speaking lines from Kara in an issue that says “THE ORIGIN OF SUPERGIRL” on the cover: 7, and 4 of those are monosyllabic lines.

Size of SuperGIRL’s boobs on that cover: Hyooj, which isn’t a number, but oh well, the sexualization of “girls” bothers me.

Cover by Jon Davis-Hunt

The Wild Storm #6

Number of weeks I’ve been subscribed to Warren Ellis’s newsletter: ~106, which makes me totally biased toward his work.

Number of silent panels: 30, across 4 silent pages.

Number of times I want to see Henry Bendix’s terrifying, Grant Morrison-looking face on a cover again: 0

Number of times I think Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt made a terrifying megalomaniac look like Grant Morrison ACCIDENTALLY: 0

Number of these titles I’m excited about this week: 9!

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