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Welcome to Image Boys Behaviour Graph or when this becomes an inevitable smash hit column IBBG. Where we celebrate 25 years of Image by making a very statistically accurate graph looking at what the boys are up to in this most momentous year in the history of the EXTREME bad boys of comics.


Todd McFarlane
Naming Al Simmons’ wife and that wife’s child after his own wife and their shared child. That’s kind of nice, but also kind of strange. Right? I don’t know

Rob Liefeld
Putting in an order for Extreme Studios jackets. How many? Uhh… just keep them coming, alright?

Erik Larsen
Engaged in an evergreen (get it? GET IT) pissing match with one Mister Peter David over whose creative venture was more creative, and whose mercenary sellout was more mercenary, and more sold out. Jury remains at loggerheads to this very day.

Jim Lee
Suddenly a studio head, almost by accident. Ran it soft-dad style, with ping pong indoors and 3am nerf fights.

Whilce Portacio
Thinking about light. And how to draw it…

Jim Valentino
A grown man, but not too grown to flip a bird in a company photo. Maverick, rogue, but sensible in some ways, too.

Marc Silvestri
Just a professional guy, hanging out at a professional summit, offered professional free range by some professional rebels. Thought about it; said “OK. Why not? Sure”

Eric Stephenson

THE NEWCOMER: Robert Kirkman
Reading Knightmare, probably. Or Strykeforce

So it’s late. SO WHAT??? It’s cool.


Graph collated by Claire Napier and Rosie Knight, Graph made by Rosie Knight and Nick Marino

When we started this column we expected it to be a humorous, mostly loving, sometimes scathing look at the boys of Image and their often funny modern day escapades. Sadly, since our first column a mere two weeks ago Image has spectacularly doubled down on it’s choice to publish Howard Chaykin’s exploitative racist, transphobic book Divided States of Hysteria. The main cover for #4 that appeared in solicitations for September was such a violent and grotesque exploitation of brown trans bodies that we have decided to take Eric Stephenson–who last month defended the book’s publication–off of our weekly chart. His constant disregard and disrespect for QPOC members of the comic book community doesn’t deem him worthy of anything other than resigning. From now on we’re replacing him with a generic Image comics bar, which will likely stay very firmly under the bad boys line til they respond accordingly and stop publishing and supporting harmful content.

Image’s creepy step-dad Erik Larsen is at it again, sliding down to the badboy line, with the announcement of his gross NSFW variant cover for the big monster and his sexy daughter comic Savage Dragon. Not only is the illustration weird and skeevy but it is also on a book whose cover price is an astonishing $9.99. Sure it’s a hundred pages, but it looks like it’ll be a hundred pages of upskirts, boobs and badly drawn human dragon orgies made by Erik Larsen. No thanks, creeper.

On the other end of the good boy spectrum we have Image’s lovely soft dad Marc Silvestri being lovely and looking after bird eggs that him and his wife found in his garden. Well done Marc, keep being lovely, pls, we need it. Oh plus in “Bigger” news our favourite Image daddy will be heading over to DC to work on a brand new Batman and The Joker comic! DC Dads UNITE!

It’s been and sad week for Todd McFarlane who is once again being fucked over by the incorrigible Marvel Comics, as they reuse some of his old interior art for an upcoming super rare variant cover for a new issue of Venom. Luckily for lovely old “kids are the future of comics” Todd he’s got some exciting news for us all about his yet untitled Spawn cinematic reboot, which he hopes to direct, and will allegedly announce at SDCC in a couple of weeks.

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