Previously On Comics: Jane Foster in Your Home

Did you know that heroes walk among us? If not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Batman himself has made a rather public appearance, as the star of Jaden Smith’s new video:

The new video has not exactly invoked a warm response, but there’s no denying that it has a certain catchiness. I know I’ve caught myself mumbling a repetition of “Batman” here and there over the last few days.

In sadder news, the comics world said goodbye to James Galton, who passed at the age of 92. Galton isn’t a well-known name today, but his sixteen-year tenure as the CEO of Marvel saved that company from bankruptcy and included such highlights as the acquisition of the Star Wars license for comics, and Marvel’s first forays into animation.

On the subject of financial states of publishers, BOOM! Studios had quite the influx this week when it was announced that 20th Century Fox had purchased a “significant minority stake” in the company. Fox and Boom! already had a deal that granted Fox first-look rights for film features, so this new deal isn’t a huge surprise, but it still could mean a significant elevation of status for the publisher. WWAC’s own Rosie Knight had some thoughts about the deal:

Hasbro confirmed yet more 2017 Marvel Legends releases with the announcement of both a Marvel Knights series, featuring several Netflix characters, and a Thor series which is confirmed to have both movie and comic-based designs. A Build-A-Figure for the Thor series has not been announced yet, but the Marvel Knights series will feature a Man-Thing, so prepare your jokes now. These will be the sixth and seventh series of figures to release this year, in addition to several exclusives, marking the most productive year ever for the fifteen-year-old toy line. Personally, I can’t wait for the Jane Foster Thor, pictured above.

Joss Whedon was announced recently as the new director for Justice League, but his name was once attached to a draft of Wonder Woman. That project never materialized, but  Twitter user @_sashayed had plenty to say about the script for it this week:

@_sashayed raises some excellent points regarding the viewpoint of the script and its focus on denigrating its own title character, and we should all be thankful this particular version of the character never made it to film.

Justice League itself added another big name to its crew this week: Danny Elfman will be stepping in to compose the score, replacing Zack Snyder collaborator Junkie XL. Elfman has a storied career as a composer, including being involved with the 1989 Tim Burton Batman.

There’s something to be said for celebrities with ties to old superhero properties and their propensity for retaining job offers, regardless of the success of some of those properties. Billy Zane, star of the cheese-filled but delightful Phantom movie from the 90s, was announced this week to be joining Legends of Tomorrow as an antagonist, in the form of noted circus ringeader P.T. Barnum. Zane is slated to appear in only one episode, but that episode will mark the first onscreen appearance of he and series-regular Victor Garber together since their time in Titanic. CW directors delight in these kinds of moments, such as their decision to arrange last season’s musical crossover between Supergirl and Flash, both starring former members of Glee.

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