Previously on Comics: Rosa for America Chavez

Oh, hello there! As you saw last week, WWAC was hanging out at TCAF and catching up on comics. So, let’s see what there is to know now (plus my bid for who should play America Chavez in a screen adaptation).

All That’s Fit to Read

  • Adventure Time and Regular Show will finally get the crossover that fans have been calling for, in comic form. Though I’m a huge fan of AT, and indifferent to Regular, I’m hoping it goes better than the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover.
  • Tapas, formerly Tapastic, is causing an uproar in the webcomics industry with their new terms of service. The terms required artists that use the platform to negotiate for rights to their own work with the platform. However, Tapas responded to the controversy claiming it was all a misunderstanding and have since removed that portion of the Terms. Read the whole drama here.

Zines All Day

  • Sampha is releasing a 32-page “visual exploration” of the vision surrounding his recent music endeavors. It’ll be called Shy Light and we can probably look for it next month! But you can check out a preview right now.
  • Are you in the Long Beach area? Well then, you’re in luck! The Long Beach Public Library is now loaning out zines to library patrons.

Comics on the Screen

  • The CW’s new Black Lightning is already stirring up a lot of excitement months before its release. Not only was Black Lightning one of DC’s first black superhero (in 1977), but finally it’s not an origin story! A high school principal struggles with his past as a superhero years after retirement.
  • Queen of my Heart Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz wants to play America Chavez in an adaptation written by Gabby Rivera. Um, yes, please. (But also, you’ve listened to her podcast Reality Bytes, right?)

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