Book Beat: The Handmaid’s Tale Buzz and Ivanka’s “Feminist” Book

Hi book lovers! I’m done with April showers! It’s May and everything is blooming and I couldn’t be happier. But enough with the downpours Mother Nature, unless that’s the kind of setting you like for reading (I don’t). I really have to get started on my summer reading list (and finish making one). Give me your suggestions!If you’re on social media a lot, or generally in the presence of the public, you probably have heard about the premiere and first few episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale based on the book by Margaret Atwood. It’s being lauded for stunning visuals and a grim sort of stance on a reality that doesn’t seem so far fetched. I’ll be honest, I’ve never read the book! I know, I know I am a Canadian and Margaret Atwood is perhaps the biggest literary star here, but surprisingly, it was never on my course outlines and it just never occurred to me to read one of the most influential, talked about books. However, I’ve been hearing the buzz around the Hulu adaption and I’m sold just from that. In a political climate where women are quite literally silenced and sidelined, the book has been given a feminist label is needed. In an interview with the L.A Times, Atwood says, “it’s more like 1984 and less like Star Wars.” If you have read the book already and are searching for something to fill the void as you wait for episodes check out this list of related books.

Author J.K Rowling's Tweet apologizing for killing Snape
J.K Rowling’s Twitter Apology about Snape

Once again, J.K Rowling has stirred up her fan base with the announcement on Twitter of her apology for killing Snape. I mean, but did anyone really think Snape was a good guy? Those last few moments didn’t make up for the fact that he bullied a kid because he couldn’t get his mother and his dad was a jerk in their school years. J.K stop stirring the pot please and instead maybe apologize for casting real life jerk Johnny Depp.

Ivanka Trump’s new book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success is getting slammed by readers who point out the hypocrisy and clear socioeconomic privilege she holds. If you’re looking for work life balance from a upper class, white privileged woman this is the book for you! Others are calling her out for writing for women’s success while not using her position to push for more policies to aid working women. You can check out a collection of scathing but true tweets on the book here. Perhaps pick up the biography, Michelle Obama: A Life instead.

In some #CanLit award news, the RBC Bronwen Wallace shortlist was announced on the Writers Trust of Canada’s webpage today. This award honours writers under 35 who are unpublished in book form. The award alternates between a poetry and short fiction category, with these year being poetry. I had the opportunity to attend the awards last year and it was a great experience to see younger authors displaying and reading their works. You can check out the nominees here.

Happy Thursday!

Ashley Ash

Ashley Ash

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