Previously on Comics: Berger, Bond, and Deadpool’s Butt

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Previously on Comics! Kate here to catch you up on what you might have missed in the weeks leading up to ECCC. Let’s catch up together, shall we?

I’ve been travelling the past couple weeks so I know I’m behind on this, but I was ecstatic to hear that Karen Berger, one of the founding editors of Vertigo, is launching her own imprint, Berger Books, in partnership with Dark Horse Comics. This past weekend at ECCC, IDW announced that another Vertigo legend, Shelly Bond, would be heading up a new creator-owned imprint called Black Crown. This is a trend I think should continue, please. More women heading up imprints.

Logan is well on its way to being the unequivocally best Marvel movie of all time, and I haven’t seen it, so I’m not going to link to any reviews of it in this Previously, but I will link to the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer, because it’s hilarious and yes, includes a shot of Wade’s butt. 

But I think the biggest story for me coming out of this weekend is that there doesn’t seem to be a big story? ECCC is basically the kickoff to 2017’s con season, but it’s still very much Image’s con and I was hard-pressed to find anything of interest coming from DC or Marvel, which is fine. I’m assuming we’re going to see more from them at WonderCon as con season heats up. 

Stories in and around ECCC:

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