The Dark Tower: It’s Really Soon

Oh, hello there, remember me, resident Dark Tower obsessed fan? Well, here I am to bring you more tiny morsels about the upcoming Dark Tower movie. I know you’re all desperate for any news you could possibly get about this film, like, maybe the trailer, but I’ll do what I can.

If you are not a Dark Tower fan, what should you know before the movie?

Well, probably nothing. The film seems like it may be able to exist on its own, given that it’s not based on any existing book, but rather telling its own story. However, in case you’re curious, here’s how the tale goes down.

There’s a gunslinger and he’s chasing the Man in Black across the desert (and towns and time and etc.). Along the way, more characters join in with the gunslinger, and there are elements from the Wizard of Oz and Arthurian legend and Harry Potter and 9-11 and Stephen King himself and more. I hesitate to tell you more because of spoilers and also because I’ve been told I start to sound fanatical if I get on a DT roll.

So, what do we know now (a recap)?

  • The movie will not focus on any of the existing books, but will tell it’s own DT story.
  • Idris Elba will play love of my life gunslinger Roland Deschain, newcomer Tom Taylor will play Jake (a young boy with a mysterious origin), and Matthew McConaughey plays the villainous Man in Black.
  • An early version of the trailer was leaked months ago, and we should probably get a new trailer soon.
  • There will be a TV series too.
  • The film’s current release date, after being pushed back, is July 28, 2017.

Funko Dolls

New News!

  • There’s a song release:

  • There are Funko dolls! (See above adorable photo.)
  • Also related, a series is coming that links a bunch of Stephen King stories together (all things serve the Tower)! See trailer below.

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