Day: October 19, 2016

Dilbert, Scott Adams

Dear Scott Adams, Rhetoric is Not Reliable Camouflage

Well, Dilbert Man has struck again. He’s a cartoonist, he’s got reach, he’s a silly and unpleasant misogynist. He’s bad. We’d have said something sooner, but as he himself boasts women hardly pay attention to him — your honours, we did not know. Scott Adams is the man behind long-running and (sub-ironically?) mainstreamed cartoon strip Dilbert….

Bi flag, image from

Bisexual Identity: A Roundtable

September 19th through the 26th marks Bisexual Awareness Week during which BiNet USA, GLAAD, and other organizations place a spotlight on issues unique to the bisexual community. WWAC is no stranger to discussing these issues; whether it’s calling out bisexual erasure in Deadpool, highlighting bi characters we love, or pointing out the gaping holes in…