Drink Your Comics: Snotgirl’s Exact Order Every Single Day

Snotgirl #1,Hung & O'Malley, Image Comics

And I’m Claire! Wow! Hi!

To get contrary to the spirit of Snotgirl and tell the truth for a second, I thought this coffee would be horrible. Come on, be real. Almond milk and lavender syrup sound like things you would add to coffee because the sound of them is picturesque and lyrical, poetry for your insta caption. Lavender, wow, purple goes sooo well with your green hair, Lottie! I know right? Cute! I mean … I made this drink because I already had lavender Monin syrup standing around, and why did I pick it? Because it was so purple. Like, SO purple. I wanted it in my house.

But some things are beautiful and useful. Style is not the only substance here. You know what? This drink is really nice.

Obviously, it’s possible for you, or I, or anyone to replicate Snotgirl and Coolgirl’s twinsies signature orders simply by going to a chic fast-coffee place and saying “I want–.” I don’t want, though, because complicated coffee orders make me nervous. I don’t speak loudly enough for my orders to be heard, and then I have to say them again, and it’s terrible.

Snotgirl, Leslie Hung & Bryan Lee O'Malley

Besides, I’m definitely more of a DIY-lifestyler than a boxfresh one. #bestself

You Will Need:

  • Coffee
  • Almond milk
  • Lavender syrup
  • A mug? I’m using a Ghostbusters one, because snot is slimy. And green. Like Slimer. ????


  1. First of all the decision is whether or not you want to cold-brew your coffee. Personally, I can’t be arsed, and to be quite honest, the thing about blogging (as in wider life!) is that you can lie. Just say it’s cold brewed. No, it won’t taste precisely the same, but if you don’t care about cold brewing you probably don’t care about the deepest nuance available in the taste of coffee either.
  2. Obtain your almond milk. There are instructions on how to make your own here, as well as on basically every blog of a certain type. You can buy it; of course, it’s more expensive than almost any other type of “milk.” Get the one that’s on sale. Say you didn’t, whatever.
  3. Lavender syrup may be ordered from Monin or any other syrup brand. You can probably find it at artisanal food fairs if your local one is big enough. You can also make it yourself–either grow your own lavender or snip some from other people’s gardens at night. Snapchat it! ????
  4. Mix it all together. Lottie orders one pump of lavender; I’d guess that’s about a teaspoonful, which tastes right to me. You’d expect lavender to be sickly sweet, maybe, but it lends a duskiness, a peppery threat. The syrup is sweet, but it stings a little if you taste a droplet neat.

Makes a pretty picture though, don’t it?


What an interesting order.

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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