WWAC Weekend Review: Sex Toys, K-Drama, Sad Puppies, and Daredevil

Did you miss out on something this week at Women Write About Comics? Don’t worry! Here’s your chance to play catch up!

On Sunday…

Desiree Rodriguez compares love triangles in Rurouni Kenshin versus Inu-Yasha while Clara Mae explores race and romance in Daredevil:

“Matt Murdock is romantically linked to two women of color, Claire Temple and Elektra Natchios, during the course of two seasons, which is definitely more than can be said about any of the MCU films so far. But a deeper read shows that the portrayals of these women, especially in comparison to Karen Page, are often problematic and fraught with racial stereotypes.”


On Monday…

Eve Golden Woods’ Adventures in Small Games reviews the virtual boundaries of consent in video games. Watching Batman vs Superman again? Here are some food and drink-related survival tips. Three women have sex on a boat: Claire Napier’s study of Ghost in the Shell continues.

On Tuesday…

KM Bezner is all about zines in Incredible Indie Tuesday. Kelly Kanayama addresses the unbearable whiteness of being that plagues comics academia. Wendy Browne was disappointed by Disney’s new live action The Jungle Book, despite the stellar cast. Anna Tschetter talks about giant bugs and inessential penises in her list of great sex scenes in YA novels:

“YA has a lot of unhappiness related to sex: rape, questionable consent, coercion, more rape, horrible consequences for gay characters who have sex, and so on. I wanted this list to be about mostly positive sexual encounters.”

On Wednesday…

Cover of Ulula issue 3, published by Edifumetto. Artist uncredited.Alenka Figa’s regular zine review looks at On Confronting Anti-Blackness in Our Communities. Doris V. Sutherland’s Fumetti Nightmares series returns with sex, drugs, and shambling mummies in Ulula (NSFW). Need to build your own Gauss Rifle for your next cosplay? Brenda Noiseaux has the details and more in Get Your Game On Wednesday. It’s National Canadian Film Day! Megan Purdy tells us where to partake of free films from the north. Let’s talk about sex toys in this WWAC roundtable:

“The Magic Wand. I bought it because reviews said it vibrates, how to put it, with the most oomph, but it is ridiculously giant. It’s like busting out a power tool to get off. It’s loud, bright white; it is the most practical of all the sex toys.”

On Thursday…

IMMOLATION, Zachary Clemente, Arielle Soutar & Ricardo Lopez OrtizVIKI’s new web series Dramaworld takes on K-Drama. What do four of our staffers think of it? Doris V. Sutherland continues her comparison of the 2014 Hugo nominees with the 2015 Sad Puppies slate. Angel Cruz writes about the world’s birthday cards to the Bard in the Thursday Book Beat. Claire Napier interviews Zachary Clemente, self-publisher of the comic, Immolation.

On Friday…

The count down to Civil War continues. Prepare yourself with #4DaysofCap! There are grey skies over Vertigo as the company lets go of vice-president Shelly Bond. Ariel Kiddo has a big hard question about representation for Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky of Sex Criminals. Desiree Rodriguez explains how Christina Aguilera’s “Can’t Hold Us Down” music video helped shaped who she is today. The WWAC games section sat down at the table to discuss pixels and porn: what are the sexiest (or least sexy) games we’ve played?

Mass Effect 3 | BioWare | Electronic Arts (2012)

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