Weekend Review: Everyone’s Eating Cereal, Coloring, and Playing Avenger’s Academy

For the northern WWAC staff, March roared in like a lion, but we’re definitely looking forward to that lamb-like spring the Weather Network is sort of promising is maybe around the corner.

On Monday…

odedfehrWendy Browne finds a little piece of herself in every pixel of her roleplaying characters. P. Rohe shares their experience in publishing their own graphic novel starting from scratch. Kate Tanski raps up WonderCon in Mighty Marvel Monday—and talks about Oded Fehr in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff Marvel’s Most Wanted. Did I mention Oded Fehr? Yeah. Oded Fehr. Are you a DC devotee or do you make yours Marvel? WWAC talks brand loyalty:

“I won’t support books that I don’t like, find offensive, or are just bad stories simply because they’re from a specific publisher.”

On Tuesday…

If you love superheroes, but are tired of the Big Two, KM Bezner has some indie and webcomic options for you in Incredible Indie Tuesday. Doris Sutherland takes you to the halls of a troll king: Vox Day. Do you like Daredevil? Want to win yourself some Daredevil comics?

On Wednesday…

Porcelain, Bone China, Benjamin Read, Chris Wildgoose, Improper Books, 2015Ardo Omer explores the short films featured at the 2016 Canada Film Fest. Alenka Figa reviews a collection of comics about the experience of immigration called Do You Miss Your Country? Brenda Noiseaux gets her game on with butt poses and Rocky Horror Picture Shows. Al Rosenberg is certain that Pokemon GO will make geocachers of us all. Christa Seeley finds science in a Gothic Fairy Tale: Porcelain by Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose:

“I was excited to find something I hadn’t expected in Bone China—a woman who unapologetically kicks ass in the fantasy version of a STEM field.”

On Thursday…

WWAC defends their diamonds in the rough—those problematic favourite women that others like to beat down on. The Batman v Superman showdown continues. With breakfast cereal. Ardo Omer reviews In Real Life and talks about the true self we show in our online friendships. Pro tip: Don’t plan a coup in a book club meeting. Need a less stressful writing challenge? Watch out for our FlashFicWednesday starting on April 6th.

On Friday…

No April Fool’s tricks here, you really could win two tickets to the Showcase advance screening of Outlander season 2. Everyone’s playing Marvel’s Avengers Academy after reading Tea Fougner’s review. The Colorists on Coloring series continues with the answer to the question “What is a Flatter?” Ardo Omer talks about the feature films at the 2016 Canadian Film Fest. Meg Downey rounds up the Rebirth in this week’s DC Daily Planet.

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