Three Women Having Sex On A Boat: Ghost in the Shell’s Sex Scene

still from Ghost in the Shell, Mamoru Oshii, 1995, Production I.G
Major's goggles, Masamune Shirow, Ghost in the Shell, Dark horse after Kodansha, 1991/2003
This one’s porny! Look away, kids and workers!

That mythic cyber sex scene. Motoko Kusanagi getting down with her girls. I’ve written about the scene in context before, but let’s concentrate on the gang bang alone. You wanna see it? Here it is:

Shiro Masamune, Ghost in the Shell, Dark Horse

What stands out more? The luxurious use of oils or the intense nerdery of their dialogue?

Shiro Masamune, Ghost in the Shell, Dark Horse
This is in-book commentary on the scene, I’m not joking.

The cyber-hallucinatory drugged up boat sex porn party in Ghost in the Shell is fascinating for its athletic eroticism—these women, I think, are in a race. The goal is the orgasm, and it’s a full-force sprint to the finish. Legs are splayed as far as possible. Breasts are squeezed like someone’s icing a cake. Eyebrows travel up in the centre, the dismay of pleasure, but mouths are open far enough to see teeth and tongue—a feat of endurance. The intensity of sensation is told in the hyper-detailed colouring on their bodies (the aforementioned effect of oils), and its contrast with the marshmallowy plainness of their backgrounds, and bed. The surroundings fade away, because it doesn’t matter where you are if you’re really concentrating on your task. You might argue perhaps that the surrounding fade back because they’re virtual, but I don’t think that holds much water in Ghost in the Shell.

Kusanagi’s hand cramps up, hair flies everywhere (they’re bouncing like hurdlers), and her spine is fully extended. You can practically hear the director (I mean the cartoonist, Shiro, although this sex is being recorded for sale in-story) GO! FUCKIN’, FUCKIN’ GO!!!! FUCK THE FUCK OUT OF THESE FUCKERS YOU FUUUUUUCK. They’re going at it so hard they’re getting sore; look at how they’re reddening up.

Shiro Masamune, Ghost in the Shell, Dark Horse

I’ve shared the entire scene with you. All we hear the women say to each other is technology specs, business notes, and comparative analysis. This is an experience designed and adapted to be the most sexual sex you ever heard of. It’s expressly gratuitous, expressly in the name of SEX. I wonder, will the participants dub in some more recognisable dirty-talk for the people paying to VR it later? Or is the scientific language part of the deal? Are you hot for technobabble? The one accompanies the other in the comic for a reason—gosh, is there anything bro-nerdier than lesbian pornography overlaid with hard speculative tech talk?

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