Shinbun Saturday: Student Creates and Earns Degree in Cosplay

Hi readers! Boy, I’m glad it’s Saturday. This has been a rough week, hasn’t it? Between what’s going on with DC Comics and all of the celebrity deaths, I kind of want to reboot 2016. Not to mention the fact that Japan is still dealing with the repercussions of last week’s earthquake. But we can’t go back in time, so instead let’s talk about the week in manga.

Our first bit of news isn’t strictly manga-related, but I thought it was both interesting and cool. At the University of Hartford, a cosplayer developed a major that combines art, performance, and special effects work. In other words, cosplay. I wonder if this will inspire other students attending the university to major in cosplay or even better, spread to other colleges. You never know!

If you still follow Bleach–I’m not throwing stones; I got sucked back into Naruto–then you might have seen the fandom in an uproar after the unexpected aging up of Hitsugaya. It’s not a bad uproar. Tumblr fandom seems to approve anyway. But other people have taken notice of these latest chapters for completely different reasons. A well-established doujinshi artist thinks Bleach creator Tite Kubo might be sending him a shout-out. I’m not sure I agree, but maybe y’all have a different opinion. If it is true, I’m glad Kubo trolls people other than his regular fans.

Last week, I said that I was tired of talking about Hollywood whitewashing. Apparently, however, not so tired to let this particular headline pass without comment. Earlier this week, Kodansha, the original publisher of Ghost in the Shell, said that Scarlett Johansson was a great casting choice and that they’d never imagined a Japanese actress in the role. Um. Her name is Motoko Kusanagi, you guys.

And on that puzzling note, I’ll end it here. See you next week!

Vernieda Vergara

Vernieda Vergara

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