Free Films! It’s National Canadian Film Day

Sprial Film Reel, Pietro Jeng

April 20th is Canadian National Film Day and in honour of it, theatres and film clubs all over the country are hosting free and low cost screenings of recent and classic Canadian films. Cable providers Bell and Rogers have  switched up their on demand movie listings with packages of free to watch Canadian films.

Free movies? Okay, I’m in. I’m sure you are too.

But don’t worry, if you’re not Canadian (or in a town with a theatre, or a haver of cable) you can still catch some free Canadian films today. The NCFD crew and their partners have made it easy for us with a list of local screenings and a nice package of online screenings for free or ultra low cost to rent, and a starter pack of films on NCFD site itself.

The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre has a program of interesting shorts available to screen, including Allyson Mitchell’s Afghanimation and Amy Lockhart’s The Devil Lives in Hollywood. You can check out the full program here.

And the National Screen Institute is streaming a number of excellent films, including documentaries about Bat Boy and “cowboy action shooter” Flora Kupsch, and Tallurutiup Tariunga, which is described as “a retelling of the Inuit creation myth of Nuliajuk.”


We make a lot of short films, documentaries and, well, “art house” fare in Canada, so many of the films screening today (and in some cases this week) are intimate, small scale and often great opportunities to learn about Canadian communities. But if you’re looking for some lighter material — enough tragedies on the prairies, misery on the east coast, and quiet desperation in Quebec, Canada! — don’t worry, there are plenty of classic comedies and romances among the offerings, like… Mommy. Ha… ha… ha.

Find the full list of screenings here.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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