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Howdy, gaming lovelies! That game we play with nature, Daylight Savings Time, is upon us. Thanks to the goddesses of caffeinated goodness, I’ve made it to Wednesday.  So without further ado, the news!


Twitch and “boobie” streaming

For those who aren’t in the know, Twitch is a site where folks can watch gamers play games via live stream. Gamers share their game screen and talk through their playing. Streamers oftentimes share their webcam so you can see the faces they make as they play too. Twitch can be a great way to check out a game you’re thinking of playing or learn some new tips and trick. Once you find streamers with personalities you like, it can also be entertaining just to listen and watch them stream, much like watching TV. Added bonus, you can connect with them and others watching them in the chat.

But just like anything on the internet with a webcam, it can have a dark side.

This week, Twitch player Raihnbowkidz announced that she’ll no longer be a “boobie” streamer, prepping her hair, maker-up and cleavage,  for her Twitch sessions. She’s found she’s no longer happy doing it and wants to focus more on gaming. Between being more worried about her appearance than playing the game and ugly comments from viewers, she decided she’d had enough.

Of course none of this is shocking. Female gamers have long been accused of gaming for the attention of boys, to please a boyfriend, the list goes on and on. And Twitch definitely has its fair share of women, and men, who capitalize on looks to get viewers. What makes me ecstatic about this story is that the gaming community is changing and this woman feels strong enough to come out and say, I’m not going to do this anymore, I like gaming, I want to focus on my gaming.

Rock on, Raihnbowkidz!  I celebrate you for being brave and realizing your own power to change.


Women in gaming spotlight: Mynxee and Sindel Pellion

At less than 5%, the gorgeous MMORPG, Eve Online, has a disproportionately low level of female players in the community. That doesn’t prevent those women from attaining high levels in the community. In this interview, both players talk about how they first got started with the game and some of the cool things they’re doing. For example, Sindel Pellion makes pop song parodies and Mynxee created a women-only pirate corporation for female players to feel like they had a safe space.


Easter egg!

Square Enix’s Easter Surprise Box is on sale until March 20. For $9.99, you’ll get 5 Steam games, but the titles are surprises! Last year, revelers did fairly well, with games like Life Is Strange – Episode 1, Just Cause Collection, Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition, and Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition. 


That’s it for this week! Feel free to share your favorite female streamers/players in the comments below. Until next week, happy gaming!

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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