This Week in WWAC History: Feminist Superhero Undies and Granny’s Garden

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Welcome to the weekend! Are you ready for more awesome articles from our WWAC staffers and contributors? We have plenty. See what you missed from November of last year.

Product Review: League of Ladies Underwear, November 17, 2014,

Meredith Guthrie, League of Ladies 3Although they don’t feature traditional comic book super heroines, Dear Kate’s League of Ladies underwear collection fits comfortably into any geeky lady’s wardrobe. These super cute, hipster style underpants each depict one of four real-life feminist super-heroines who made the world a better place: Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman, and Amelia Earhart. All of the underwear are made right in NYC, so you know they were made in humane, non-sweatshop conditions. This collection doesn’t just pay lip service to feminist ideals, but follows through on them.

Based on a successful Kickstarted collection from 2013 by Shelly Ni and Gaia Orain, the Dear Kate League of Ladies collection updates the original collection in a few ways: first, they added Harriet Tubman to further increase the diversity of the awesome women the collection represents. READ MORE

We have a great monthly series where WWAC reviews recent comic releases, if you haven’t taken the time, give these short reviews a try. Last November’s Short and Sweet series starts with Edward Scissorhands, November 17, 2014,

edward scissorhands, cover, gabriel rodriguez, idwEdward Scissorhands picks up a quarter of century after the film. Edward, being a technological creation, is unaged and largely forgotten in his eerie hilltop mansion. Kim’s granddaughter Megan has grown up listening to her grandmother’s tales of Edward. Kim passes away when Megan is twelve. Once Edward finds out, it stops snowing in the town.

Lonely, Edward looks through the books of his old creator and finds another technological creation who closely resembles Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Edward sets to repairing him and names him Eli, but soon finds his hopes and dreams for Eli might not come to fruition. Eli has his own agenda.

Meanwhile, it is the anniversary of Kim’s death, and Megan wants to visit her grave, but Megan’s mother who is convinced that Kim was a nutter is less than supportive. Megan goes riffling through Kim’s old stuff where she finds the old snowglobe, and she realizes that Grandma Kim was no nutter. READ MORE

WWAC took us even further down memory lane in the My First Game series, first up is Claire with Granny’s Garden, November 17, 2014,

granny1Wanna play a spooky game?

Get yourself a glass of something fine. Get a blanket. Draw your chair up close to the computer screen. If you’re brave, you can turn off the light.

Also, you need to become six years old. Can you do that? In your mind?

When I was wee, my mother, an ex-programmer, brought me to the big beige monitor and got an enormous, thin square with a circle on it out of a locked, half-transparent filing pod. She fed it into a large chunk of plastic and I played, for the first time, Granny’s Garden. READ MORE

Last but not least, this article falls into the did you know category. I didn’t. Wrestler CM Punk Writing for Thor Annual, November 17, 2014, Jill Thompson riffing on teh Fantastic Four (marvel) for CM Punk and WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment wrestler CM Punk is writing a Thor short story. Wrestling fans Editor-in-chief Claire Napier and Staff Writer Rachel Stevens sat down to chat about this new venture:

So, CM Punk is doing a Marvel Comics story for Thor. I’m enthused about this — I got into wrestling because a friend of mine linked me a video of CM Punk’s sitdown in the ring, talking to the crowd about he felt like he had a raw deal. He seemed like an interesting, charismatic dude, and wrestling seemed like more than the big dudes in spandex slamming against each other that I thought they were in my youth. Now, I’m an off and on wrestling viewer, but I’m sad that I missed most of CM Punk’s tenure at WWE. I would gladly read a Thor comic he wrote.

On the flip side, I’m very conflicted about the artist. Rob Guillory, co-creator of Chew, has portrayed trans women in a very transphobic way. He is a good artist, I enjoy his cartoonish style, but I feel wary of supporting a book he’s on. READ MORE

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