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Howdy, gaming lovelies! As Halloween approaches, I’ve been scoping out DIY costume ideas. I came across this Hungry Hungry Hippos one that makes me giggle. I think I still own a copy of that game.

Cloud Chasers now available

Looking for a new mobile game? Cloud Chasers is a steampunk-styled immigration journey of a girl and her father. By Blindflug Studios, creators of the award-winning game First Strike, the Swiss team includes female developer, Tabea Iseli. There are so many concepts I like about this game, I’ll be playing it soon.

Censorship or cultural market adjustment?

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black WaterSome fans are up in arms as the western release of newest Fatal Frame game contains alternate costumes. The Japanese version offered the option to unlock skimpy lingerie-style outfits that are not available in the Western release. Suspending disbelief that bikinis in horror games make any sense, I’m not sure that the term censorship applies to a for-profit business for product they are selling.

The game Mafia (aka Werewolf) becomes a dystopian sci-fi movie

Inspired by the popular game was created back in the 80s, the movie is set in a near future dystopian Russia. Watching the trailer, I feel like we’ve already seen this before (Running Man, anyone?) but I might be willing to bite (see what I did there?). I’ve seen an increase in folks playing, probably due to the success of the Ultimate Werewolf games from designer, Ted Alspach.
Mafia studio interior

I’ll leave you with this thought about the Louis Vuitton show from Paris fashion: since when did LED screens, flashing bulbs, leather and chunky shoes become “techno-gamer tough girl”?

Until next week, happy gaming!

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