Manga, Meet Comics. Comics, Meet Manga.

Meet Comics Meet Manga by Joyce Hwang for Women Write About Comics

Last week, Claire and I discussed the divide between comics and manga, the basic thrust of which is: manga are comics; comics are manga. But you know, sometimes words fail us all. Let’s dive into this debate using—what else?—a comic!


Meet Comics, Meet Manga. A comic by Joyce Hwang and Amanda Vail for Women Write About Comics. 2015.

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Amanda Vail

Amanda Vail

Amanda is a staff writer for WWAC. She is also a developmental editor and copywriter in less-than-sunny Seattle. She likes to poke her nose into things, mainly manga, graphic novels, sci-fi & fantasy books, and art galleries. Then she writes about them. She also drinks a lot of coffee. Tweet her @amandamvail.