Kickstarter of the Week: Comare, the Other Woman

Illustrator Ashley St. Lawrence and writer Mario Candelaria, are looking to fund the first issue of a six part mini set in mid-century Los Angeles. Comare is a jazzy, stylish romance comic with edge.

It’s 1953 and American soldiers are slowly returning from Korea. While her boyfriend was serving overseas, Amelia was carrying on an affair with restauranteur and pillar of the community, Francis. Now, she decides, it’s time to break it off. But it’s not that simple. Francis isn’t ready for it to be over, and his wife, Selina, isn’t ready to forgive and forget. The Kickstarter page only gives potential backers so much to go on, but I think we can assume it’s going to get messy.

St. Lawrence and Candelaria are joined by color artist Lesley Atlansky and letterer Zakk Saam on lettering duty, as well as illustrators Victor Santos Jim Towe on covers.

The creators hope to raise $4,500, most of which will pay for line art, colouring, lettering, and editing. The rest will go to shipping, fees, and the other miscellaneous costs that creep up in these projects. After shipping this first issue, the team plans to shop it around to publishers, with the hopes that it will be picked up — a model that’s been successful for many Kickstarter teams.

At $3,058 they’ve still got a ways to go with the campaign, which ends on Saturday, September 5th. Rewards run the gamut from $2 to the thousands, and you can get a digital copy of the first issue for only $4. Spend a bit more, though, and you’ll be drawn into the comic as a major supporting character. And in addition to the usual retailer packs, there’s also an option to have your script reviewed by their editor, Marc Lombardi.

Comare looks like a fun, sexy and suspenseful comic — a bit neo-noir with a focus on the female characters. If you’re loving the return of romance to mainstream comics and you also love a good crime drama, I recommend checking out this project.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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