What’s Cute? YOU ARE! Imperfect Fun With Chanrio

Chanrio banner, Sanrio, 2015

Sanrio! You’ve heard of Sanrio. Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, and my personal fave Gudetama. Millions of other mascot characters are out there in the Sanrio fieldsand now so are you! (Possibly. The engine has its limits.)

Chanrio is a cute little game or art program that lets you pick from a limited number of facial options, outfits, accessories, and hair templates to make a cute wee version of yourself to share. It only offers three skin tones, all pretty light, and as Jamie pointed out there are no loc options. Here are some of us, though, doing our best with the options given! Try it out, and show us yours. Or point us to a more inclusive engine!

Manga specialist Amanda

Amanda Chanrio, 2015

Chief Copyeditor Rine

Rine Chanrio, 2015

Features Editor Claire

Claire Chanrio, 2015

Weekend Editor Wendy

Wendy Chanrio, 2015

Boyband Scholar and Bookbeater Angel

Angel Chanrio, 2015

Criminal Mind and Batfan Ardo

Ardo Chanrio, 2015

Big Boss Megan, who rarely sleeps

Megan Chanrio, 2015

And Newshound Laura, Batgirl of WWAC!

Laura Chanrio, 2915

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

Critic, ex-Editor in Chief at WWAC, independent comics editor; the rock that drops on your head. Find me at clairenapierclairenapier@gmail.com and give me lots of money

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