Moon Tiara Magic: Sailor Moon Confectionary To Wear

Sailor Moon Crystal, Toei, 2015

Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you just began to cry?

Sailor Moon crying gif, Toei

Look at this. Let’s look at this, you and I. Let’s weep pure and sparkling tears together, as we admire the beauty of this perfect wonderful pendant.

This is the first piece listed on Rinkya’s promo page for the upcoming merchandise collaboration between Sailor Moon Corp (obviously) and inedible-fancies deco brand Q-Pot. I don’t visit the Q-Pot site, as a matter of habit, because everything there looks so divine it makes me want to fucking die. Rrrgh. RRRGGHHHHHHH *_*

But back to the piece above. It’s a perfectly judged mash-up (heavens! Who could mash this delicate wonder) between Usagi’s Crystal Star compact and a macaron: the fanciful, air-light french confection that’s a staple of modern girl-style aesthetic. It’s brilliant, and I want it, and I want you to have one too. Let’s all adorn ourselves with these embodiments of yearning!

But if pink’s not your speed, of course, there are more. Who’s your favourite senshi? Which is your favourite colour scheme? Oh my gosh, I want them all.

Sailor Moon crying gif, Toei

Maybe I haven’t been watching Crystal, but I’m sure grateful for all of the licensing options it’s spawned so far.

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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  1. Claire. That Moon Phase pocket watch.

    If someone proposed with that, it would be a yes.

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