Covergirl Cosmetics to Launch Star Wars Themed Line

In not quite so new, but very compelling news — Covergirl cosmetics is releasing a Star Wars make-up line. There’s nothing official yet, but the Star Wars fan site Rebel Scum received some intriguing promotional images (see below). Additionally, the Covergirl website already has a page in the works for the line: Reportedly designed by British designer Pat McGrath, named a most influential make-up artist by Vogue, the collection is aptly named “The Force Awakens” and will include a range of new shades reflecting both the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force. The light side (named “The Light Within”) includes looks named “Droid,” “Sage,” and “Nomad,” while the dark side of the line (with the less imaginative moniker “The Dark Side”) includes “Apprentice,” “Chrome,” and “Storm Trooper.” There are apparently also collections for the Empress and Jedi, but I could not find any promotional images for those. Make-up available consists of lipsticks, nail polish, and a whole lotta mascaras. Covergirl is releasing 10-15 (sources vary on the number) mascaras, each with a Star Wars quote such as “You’re my only hope.” No word as to if the mascaras are all different colors, but methinks in this case it’s more about the packaging than the packaged. (A friendly reminder: mascara is really only good for about six months after you open it.) Notably, some of the packages include movie ticket discounts.

I’m a sucker for Covergirl ads — they remind me of reading Seventeen magazines as a young teen, so I am really digging the art direction here. That nail polish for the Dark Side looks close to the best nail color of the 90s: Chanel’s Vamp. Since I would rather spend that kind of money on comic books, I probably will buy the much cheaper Covergirl option.

This is the second geek-themed fandom for Covergirl — they released a “Capitol Couture” makeup line for The Hunger Games without a single trace of irony — but though this is their first Star Wars make-up line, it’s not a completely unique idea: in 1999, Yves Saint Laurent released a line in conjunction with those films we do not mention. Fortunately, Covergirl is a hell of a lot more affordable than YSL. Some naysayers may see this as “omg, the mainstreaming of Star Wars and geek culture, egads,” but my inner tween is squeeing. Besides, a Star Wars make-up line unabashedly says “women are a part of our demographic!” Some individuals seem to think this whole team-up is sexist because apparently, make-up=sexist. Cue masterpiece eye roll. Whatever! Pretty things!

Word is this collection will be released towards the end of fall, near the movie release date (December 18, 2015).

I think I know which collection this kid will pick:

Note to Team Covergirl: We at WWAC totally accept testers and will give glowing reviews because #freestuff.*

*This view does not reflect the views of the entire WWAC team. In fact, it really only represents this writer. Seriously, Covergirl, c’mon.

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