Day: July 9, 2015

Cigars Of The Pharaoh Herge Little Brown Books 1975

Cruise to Lose: Sweet by Emmy Laybourne

Sweet Emmy Laybourne Macmillan June 2, 2015 As Emmy Laybourne herself states in the acknowledgements, Sweet is not an “issue book.” Nevertheless, it still manages to break down an important issue in our society—an issue that is particularly important for the young teens this book is being marketed towards. That issue is our obsession with…

Party Like It’s 1995, Comics Are Selling Again

Variant covers! Event comics! An all-new Spider-Man! No, it’s not 1995 again, but comics are selling like it’s the mid ‘90s. According to figures for 2014 compiled by Comichron and ICv2, combined comic and graphic novel sales have reached their highest point in 20 years. This is good news for people making comics, selling comics,…